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May 22, 2014

DC Reviews: Superman/Wonder Woman #8

Superman Wonder Woman #8Superman / Wonder Woman #8
Publisher: DC
Story: Charles Soule
Pencils: Tony Daniel
Inks: Matt Banning, Sandu Florea
Colors: Tomeu Morey
Letters: Carlos M. Mangual

As part two of the “Infected” story line (which is also part of the “Doomed” story arc that includes the Superman: Doomed one-shot), this issue ties in nicely with Action Comics #31 (part one of “Infected”), and similar to that issue, helps to make this story line much more engaging after the somewhat lackluster one-shot.

Series regular artist Tony S. Daniel returns with this issue after missing last month’s issue, and his return is most welcome. Firstly, Daniel is a master of his craft, and so far out of all of the Doomed issues, this one is the best illustrated. Diana in particular looks great, both in civilian guise and as Wonder Woman, and Daniel does some fun scenes with Clark/Superman in the shadows so we can’t quite see what he looks like, but we can “hear” his voice changing through the interesting lettering and balloon shapes. There’s also a great illustrated scene with Batman and Wonder Woman that is drawn “sideways,” but totally makes sense within the layout of the story.

As is the case for most of the “Infected” story line so far, we do get some great characterization. In this issue, Charles Soule presents some really great scenes with Wonder Woman and Batman, and also with Lois Lane and Cat Grant. However, unlike some of the other installments in this series so far, we actually do get a lot more emphasis on Clark in this issue. It’s very interesting to see him struggling with the changes he’s going through, and simultaneously berating important people in his life while realizing that he needs help. Soule has a really strong grasp on this side of Superman and handles the transformation with ease.

This issue of Superman/Wonder Woman is a true return to form for this comic, after last month’s disappointing issue. The combination of Tony Daniel back on singular art duties rather than dealing with three different fill-in artists is a huge part of that, but that’s not the only thing that helps this issue. The story just seems more natural and organic, after last month’s awkward transition from the Zod/Faora story to the new Doomed arc. Soule and Daniel have been producing one of the best books of the New 52, and this issue is a prime example of their craft.

Martin Thomas



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