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May 13, 2014

215 Ink Reviews: Angelica Tomorrow #1

ATommorow1Angelica Tomorrow #1
Publisher: 215 Ink
Writer: David Liss
Artist: Allen Byrns

Several years ago a tragic event left high school student, George Williams, paralyzed. With that loss comes some depression and a co-dependent relationship with some drinking buddies from school. The kind that are only your friends because the only thing you guys have in common in your misery and drinking sessions.

It’s after one of these sessions when out of the flames and wreckage of a crashed plane, Angelica emerges and meets George. After racking up a pretty quick body count, she informs him that she needs to reboot, and after imparting him with the password she goes through a physical change. This is where Liss throws a slight curve to the reader, as this physical change also comes with a personality change. One that isn’t so cavalier about mass murder, but just as lost and confused as George.

Liss doesn’t waste any time throwing you face first into the story, and even though he reveals plenty right up front, you just know he’s still not showing you all of his cards. Especially when it comes to the individuals that are searching for Angelica. There’s also still the question of why George has decided to keep Angelica so close when he has first hand knowledge of what she’s capable of. This is something that hopefully is fleshed out a bit more later on in the story.

The look of Angelica Tomorrow is provided by Allen Byrns, who does a fine job moving this story along. The visual style itself is one that fits with the tone of the narrative, but also gives everything a much darker feel. There are several moments in the issue that normally would be more pleasant, but Byrns’s style makes you feel as if something sinister can happen at any time. He keeps you on edge from start to finish, and just when you think things are “normal” he hits you with something like that cliffhanger.

Liss and Byrns deliver everything this introductory issue of Angelica Tomorrow needs! Great character building, an intriguing  story, and the occasional face ripping doesn’t hurt either. So the question isn’t why should you pick up Angelica Tomorrow, but why shouldn’t you!

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