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May 11, 2014

Marvel Snapshot: Character Spotlight: Arnim Zola

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Hello and welcome to another exciting edition of Marvel Snapshot! In this character spotlight we’ll see the awesome origins of Arnim Zola! Anyone that saw the recent Captain America: Winter Soldier¬†movie knows how creepy Zola is, but might not know his origin, so I’m going to clear that up right now! He was created by Jack ‘King’ Kirby (image below by the King) in Captain America #208, 1977.


Arnim Zola was originally just your mad scientist type guy, but then discovered how to transfer a consciousness from a human into a machine! He was a partner of the Nazis, and worked side by side with the Red Skull. He obtained the knowledge of how to do these miraculous things (for that era) from research done by the Deviants. He perfected the process, and at some point used it on Adolph Hitler (creating the Hate Monger).

Later, Zola fell ill, and had to use the technology on himself just to stay “alive.” He transferred his consciousness into a mechanical, robot type apparatus, and it worked. He had been recruited by Baron Strucker into joining Hydra some time during WWII, as well. This led to him being in conflict with Captain America on more than one occasion.


Zola was partners with the Red Skull during the more recent “Death of Captain America” story line, too. He and the Skull had big plans, but the Skull was killed, and his consciousness transferred via the Cosmic Cube and technology into the body of Aleksander Lukin. Zola does separate the two minds, but the Skull ends up being transferred into one of Zola’s robots instead of his body.

Throughout time, Zola has been a thorn in the side of Captain America, and this is represented fantastically in the two Captain America movies. Both show how evil he can be to serve his own needs or the needs of Hydra! As usual, take a look at my recommended reading list along with some great pics of Arnim Zola! See you next time!

Recommended Reading
Essential Captain America vol. 6 – Tpb
Captain America #275-277 (vol. 1)
Captain America Omnibus vol. 2 – HC







Billy Dunleavy



  1. Kristin

    Did Falcon become female for a couple issues or something? Who’s the random woman on the early covers?

  2. Billy

    Haha, that’s this chick…

    She was also a Kirby creation.

  3. M.O.D.O.K & Zola should team up

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