May 14, 2014

Gotta Have It!: Captain America Super Soldier Pullover Hoodie!

Heads up true believers! If you’ve been to the movies and seen what’s on TV then you know the hard truth: HYDRA is back and they have taken down SHIELD from the inside. The news hit me particularly hard as I, being an agent of SHIELD, had to fend off several attacks from HYDRA turncoats. The battle was fierce as brother turned against brother, and when the smoke cleared my beloved agency was no more. My partner Infinite Speech got me out just as we lost the Triskelion, a decimated gunship fell from the sky and crushed my car and crushed the French fries I was saving for later, I watched a fat dog speak bad Spanish to an ugly baby; it was madness.

Infinite Speech told me that when he heard Nick Fury had died, he knew it was the beginning of the end for the agency, but I tried not to lose hope. Imagine my surprise when I returned back to my cover identity as a barely employed English teacher and I found a package waiting for me. I opened it to find the Captain America Super Soldier Pullover hoodie staring back at me. The Cotton-Polyester blend is as warm as it is badass, and the logo which isn’t as much printed as branded on the front is bright white and gorgeous. The deep navy blue of the fabric holds its color well even after a few washes, and the hood is satisfyingly deep and appropriately menacing.


The hoodie is official Marvel licensed apparel, and if you couldn’t tell that by the logo printed on the inside on the shirt collar, then the overall quality does a great job of shouting it to the rooftops. From the stitching of the front pocket to the way the fabric holds its shape: This sweatshirt is premium quality.

Probably the biggest stand out feature of this sweatshirt is the ability to make you feel like an utter superhero while wearing it. I shamelessly stood in the mirror checking myself out for hours in the hoodie and it never got old. Plus with the Captain America: The Winter Soldier film in theaters now, I get lots of knowing glances from kids and adults alike due to its striking (but not exact) resemblance to the outfit Cap wears in the movie.

If I had one complaint it would be that the sleeves tend to ride up, signifying that the large that I got was made for a man with shorter arms than mine. Now the size I got was a large, and this may be different with a larger size, but I made a conscious decision not to go baggy, and lucky for me the large has a loose fit for most body types, but manages not to hang off you like a sack. It’s all and all a very solid product from Marvel, and I’m just glad to see them get it right. I was tired of DC getting all the good looking apparel while Marvel was putting out Ed Hardy shirts with Wolverine on them.


I never could confirm where the package came from or its intent, but it doesn’t matter. Every time I put it on to go out for a jog I feel like I’m keeping the fight for SHIELD’s future alive, and Nick Fury himself is throwing me a wink and momentarily blinding himself because he only has one eye.


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Cameron Crump



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