May 8, 2014

Image Reviews: Rat Queens #6

RatQueens06Rat Queens #6
Publisher: Image
Writer: Kurtis Wiebe
Artist: Roc Upchurch
Cover: Roc Upchurch

The Queens are recovering from a much needed night of partying and debauchery after one of the bloodiest battles this series has seen so far. So after Gary gets a much deserved punch to the face, the ladies are summoned by the Mayor who makes them an offer. Meanwhile Sawyer is still on the trail of the missing Lady Bernadette, and getting questioned about his choices in women by his second in command.

Even when Wiebe takes time to slow things down and flesh out the characters, he proves that it’s not just the action that drives this title. It’s the Queens themselves, and they are starting to come into their own here while being defined by more than just blood soaked battles and foul language. Wiebe is doing well with establishing their individual personalities, along with surrounding them with a strong supporting cast. It’s these interactions that have helped give the book a richer direction than just fighting the bad guy of the month in each issue.

As usual Upchurch provides some of the best visuals in the business, and once again proves that you can draw women with realistic bodies and accentuate what makes them sexy. But enough about the great looking ladies, since he’s also great at hitting  the humorous parts of the story as well. From Betty munching on the fallen Mushroom People, to tentacles flying out of mouths, you’ll also never know what to expect when it comes to the character designs and visuals. That last panel is very much proof of that!

You’re getting your money’s worth with Rat Queens and then some. Wiebe and Upchurch are delivering what people have been asking for in an all female team, so if you’re not reading this yet then it’s time you jump in!

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