May 3, 2014

Webcomic of the Month! May: Let’s Be Friends Again

Welcome back to Webcomic of the Month, and this month we have a long time favorite of mine, Let’s Be Friends Again! Currently it isn’t updating, but I hope that hiatus ends sooner than later. Since it’s not updating right now, though, it falls under great comics that aren’t active. Hope that title goes away so we can all get more comics.

LBFA Lying 2014-02-08

One of the most recent and probably one of my all-time favorites.

Let’s Be Friends Again was created by Curt Franklin and Chris Haley. As of September of last year, the series is now made by Eugene Ahn and Chris Haley. Chris’s art is great at switching into other styles like that of Charles Schultz or Jack Kirby. The comic is mostly about comic books, but can also jump into just about any topic its creative team wants to talk about. The interaction between Curt and Chris or Eugene and Chris is great, it’s one of the only comics I can think of to make a story arc to “explain” the transition for part of its creative team.

LBFA Batman gets burned 2009-10-14These two frequently make comics about parts of the comics industry that I find myself feeling or struggling with, whether it be a convoluted plot in a current series or the climate of the comics industry. They know how to either make me laugh and then feel sad along with them, or get a warm fuzzy feeling from the points they make. The humor can get extremely crude on occasion, so if that’s not your thing the titles can usually give you a heads up for each strip.

LBFA Adults 2013-09-27One day you could have a strip that is a silly joke about Wonder Woman’s invisible jet getting keyed, and then the next week get them slamming a terrible comic. I love when the comic also pokes fun at just life in general; they have one about a certain brand of five dollar pizza that’s very true, go look it up.

LBFA Bats and Spidey call 2009-03-17

You’ve probably seen this one cropped to pieces all over the internet. THEY DID THIS. GIVE THEM CREDIT.

I enjoy this comic a lot and hope that maybe some of you can, too. If you like comics a lot but don’t necessarily love the direction some can take, this is likely for you. They love joking about the X-Men and how convoluted their stuff gets, but sometimes they just like to laugh at the simple things, and I’m right there with them too.

LBFA Pizza problems 2013-10-16Dr. Alexander Bustos


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  1. This is definitely one of my favorites!

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