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April 22, 2014

Will Marvel’s ‘Original Sin’ Be The Event We Deserve?

In case you’ve been too busy for the past few months and haven’t heard the news, in just under 24 hours Marvel’s next big event, Original Sin, will begin with its zero issue. It is a murder mystery of cosmic proportions as the heroes of the Marvel Universe try to figure out who killed Uatu The Watcher and why his eyes were taken as well. There’s also the revelation that during the course of the series various transgressions will be brought to light which will ultimately pit hero against hero and cause some major trust issues along the way. Echoes of Civil War anyone?

As you can guess, Marvel has been pumping this event at full strength as we get a look at the usual onslaught of variant covers, story teases, and even retailer incentives for fans. All of this is well and good, but in the end will it be worth the time and money spent? I know the creative team for the Original Sin core title (Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato Jr.) and the others involved in the tie-ins hope so. Let’s be honest, no one goes out of their way to make a bad comic, but when these stories are marketed as events that “will change the Marvel Universe FOREVER!”, most of the time it just falls completely flat or is just plain misleading. “Forever” usually implies six months to a year if we’re lucky, and if a movie isn’t coming out that stars a marquee character. Though sometimes things line up perfectly, as with the lasting effects of House of M and its impact to this day. However, if things play out like they did with Secret Invasion and Fear Itself, it will once again be a huge disappointment and quite frankly, a waste of time and money for the fans.


What most of us felt like after reading Fear Itself and Shadowland.

This usually comes around when the flood of tie-ins starts hitting the shelves. Though with Original Sin it seems as if these will flow a bit more organically out of the core story, as some are reported to deal with the various secrets of some of the characters involved in their separate titles. So if there’s a secret about Spider-Man revealed in the core title, then we’ll get a deeper look in his own series. Marvel really needs to deliver on this end, because fans have become very wary over the years and are tired of buying issues that have little to nothing to do with the event other than the event’s name on the cover, revealing themselves only to be cash grabs. The core title itself will be released bi-weekly with eight issues coming out over the span four months, so if you add in the tie-ins as well, it’s going to be pretty busy for a while. My only suggestion is that you only continue to read it if you’re having fun and not because you need to have every issue in the event. Any publisher that doesn’t deliver on the hype of their events should be held accountable, and the only way to do that is to let your money speak for you.

In the end the fans will just have to wait and see how this event turns out, and if it’s something they’re willing to put their money down for as the story takes shape. Hopefully Original Sin does deliver and is a success, because who doesn’t like a good murder mystery? Was it another Watcher upset that Uatu interferes from time to time? Was it Beast still creeped out that the Watcher snuck into his bedroom in All-New X-Men #25? Or was it Deadpool with a spork in the kitchen? Who knows? But we’ll find out very soon if all of this is just a “wash-rinse-repeat” or if the death of Uatu has meaning.


What do you think will be the result of Original Sin? Let us know in comments below!

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  1. I’m only curious to see what Deathlok’s involvement will be, but is my curiousity enough to make me buy the core series? Not likely. I may just wait to see if a new Deathlok series does indeed get launched out of Original Sin, as is currently rumored.

    • Well apparently the first issue has already “sold out” at the distributer level but this in no way translates into if this will be any good or not.

      Was there a creative team listed on the new Deathlok series? And I guess this is why the character is appearing on the Agents of SHIELD tv show as well.

      • All we know so far is that Marvel has confirmed a new Deathlok ongoing that will stem from “Original Sins” (yes, the plural one) which will reintroduce Michael Collins back into mainstream Earth-616. There is no creative team or release date attached to the title yet, but it is speculated that the “Original Sins” creative team of Nathan Edmondson and Mike Perkins will helm the Deathlok title as well.

  2. Nathan

    After being bamboozled with The Siege, Secret Invasion, Fear Itself, etc., I will not put a single dollar towards these gimmicky story lines. These things are out of gas and they need to put more concentration behind stories not these events which always end weakly.

    • Secret Invasion had so much potential but Marvel played it safe instead and dropped the ball when they could have actually followed through on the “we promise you big surprieses!” line. Fear Itself was a beautifully drawn series and that’s about it. Thor died and came right back as did Bucky/Cap.

      I don’t blame you for just ignoring the events alltogether

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