April 19, 2014

Gotta Have It!: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s Witchblade series

There’s all kinds of merchandise that lets you be more like your favorite characters. Whether it’s shirts, dresses, hats, or jewelry, there is all sorts of stuff to make you look like the character. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab brings a new sense to the game: now you can smell like them. With the help of perfume oils you can bring a new dimension to enveloping yourself into the feel of your favorites. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab was generous enough to give me some of their popular scents dedicated to different series of comics, literature, and games.

One of the first series of scents that caught my eye on their website was the Witchblade series. Witchblade is a Top Cow series where a detective gains possession of a magical gauntlet that tasks her with fighting all kinds of threats. I know several very big fans of this series and invited them over to help me review these. I was able to get a copy of the Sara Pezzini, the detective who controls the Witchblade, and the Magdalena, descendant of Christ and agent of the Catholic Church.


The Sara Pezzini scent was a big hit. Its sweet mix of leather and honey is one that I could imagine wearing for parties. It was the more popular of the two among those I had sampling. The smell elicits a soft, comforting feeling, and would be good to wear for any day or occasion. It’s not overbearing and its notice won’t distract. If you have a formal celebration to go to, say a wedding, this would be a welcome scent for many.

For the lead character who is struggling with her responsibilities as a detective, supernatural protector, and mother, this scent definitely gives the feeling of a traditional protagonist. The smell itself gives off a “good” feeling and you can even find the components comforting.


The Magdalena scent had strong reactions. The first being how strong it was; for some too much. Being a fan of frankincense and myrrh, two of the key components, I enjoyed it. I found this one to be something wearable on dates or formal events. It’s probably a scent where you can use half the amount of a normal dose and still get plenty of the smell’s effect. For a character known for being on the more dangerous side, the scent captures her well. It reminded me of fire and smoke.

Overall it seems like these two from the Witchblade series were enjoyed by both fan and novice alike. They all seemed to agree that Sara’s scent was a casual wear and the Magdalena was for special occasions. If you are a fan of Witchblade you should definitely check out these perfume oils. They will bring a nice touch to the day whether you’re cosplaying or just enjoying a day out and about.

Dr. Alexander Bustos



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