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April 13, 2014

Marvel Snapshot: Character Spotlight: Mandrill

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Hey everybody, welcome to another great character spotlight, right here in Marvel Snapshot! In this edition, we’ll be taking a look at one of Marvel’s wildest creations in Mandrill! This ape-like man is a mutant of sorts, who can give off some kind of pheromones that allow him to control women! He’s been around for quite some time, so let’s get to it! He was created by Carole Seuling  and Ross Andru (Steve Gerber scripted the first issue as well) in 1973 (Shanna the She-Devil #4).


Jerome Beechman had a rough childhood. His father was a scientist who was bombarded with radiation during an accident before Jerome was born. This led to Jerome being born black and hairy, even though his parents were both white. Around his tenth birthday, his father, who had grown bitter about his son’s appearance, drove him out into the desert and left him there, abandoning him. He next met a girl who was also affected by that same accident that changed his own life. She was the opposite of him, though, as she was albino, and vampiric in nature. The two bonded immediately, and lived off of the land or by stealing to survive. One day, they were accosted by townspeople who were frightened by their appearance. This is when Mandrill discovered his powers of “persuasion.” He can emit a pheromone that enters the mind and then fully control any woman. He and Nekra killed a few of the townspeople and fled to Africa.

While in Africa, they attempted to overthrow some of the tribes, but were thwarted by Shanna the She-Devil. Later, they kidnapped and killed Shanna’s father. Mandrill then decided to mind control a group of women (Black Spectre) to take over the United States. Once again, though, he was stopped, this time by Thing and Daredevil. Nekra was captured at this point, but Mandrill escaped.

Mandrill then started another group of female warriors called “Fem Force.” They assaulted an Air Force base in Colorado, but were defeated by The Defenders. They didn’t stop there, though, as they also attacked the research facility where Mandrill’s parents worked. In a huge fight, things seemed to be going his way, but then his mother appeared, and shot him. He once again escaped with the help of his female partners.

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Mandrill made some scant appearances over the more recent years, in the pages of New Avengers, as a part of the Hood’s gang, and also during Secret Invasion, and Siege. He even fought against Spider-Man and Spider-Woman, turning her against Spidey for a while. Where and when he’ll show up next, nobody knows, but this savage simian will always be ready to mind control some unwary female, and use her to his will!

As usual, take a look at my recommended reading list and a few great shots of Mandrill! See you next time!

Recommended Reading
Shanna the She-Devil #4 (1972)
Marvel Two-in-One #3 (1974)
Daredevil #110-112 (1964)
Essential Defenders vol. 4 – Tpb
Secret Invasion #1 (2008)
Siege – Tpb


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