April 5, 2014

Webcomic of the Month! April: Sorcery 101

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Written by: Dr. Bustos
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Welcome back for another Webcomic of the Month! This month we’re continuing the Kel McDonald works with Sorcery 101! This has been a favorite series of mine. Stories with mages, werewolves, and vampires can always draw me in, but only a few ever keep me and I’ve been with this one for a long time. It’s drawing close to ending, but I was lucky enough to get to interview Kel McDonald about it before it’d enter our “Great webcomics that have ended/no longer update” category. So let’s get right into that interview!

Sorcery101-Ch-07.1ComicAttack: If Sorcery 101 was made into a live action TV show or movie, do you have any choices for who would play some of the cast?

I never really play the who should play who game with Sorcery 101. I sometimes think about what their voices sound like, but I honestly never super pin it down.

Sorcery101-Ch-11CA: Is there any mythology or folk lore you wanted to fit into the series but couldn’t find a place for it? If so, what was it?

What type of magical creatures there are in the Sorcery 101 world isn’t very flexible. So some weirder creature from mythology that couldn’t easily disguise itself as a person, or any creature that is kinda evil for the sake of evil doesn’t fit in Sorcery 101. The whole idea of Sorcery 101 is to focus more on the individual rather than some force of evil doing evil. So like Seth isn’t an amoral sociopath because he’s a vampire. He’s all those thing because he is Seth.

Sorcery101-Ch-02CA: Do you have a favorite character in the series?

I don’t really have a favorite, but I do have duos that I like to write. Like I have a fun time writing whenever Danny and Seth interact. Or when Jeff and Connor are goofing off.

Sorcery101-Ch-24CA: Of the different supernatural entities you have in the series, which would you want to be if you lived in that world?

Probably a mage. Only that controls water.

CA: What’s been your favorite chapter of Sorcery 101?

Enemies pt 1 & 2.

Sorcery101-Ch-28.1Sorcery101-Ch-28.2CA: Let’s say Danny gets an action figure. What kind of accessories and actions does his toy come with?

He comes with cigarettes and a spell book. The action he does is light his tie on fire.

harrymikeCA: You’re a fan of the Dresden Files, you did those great drawings from the early books. What is your favorite book in the series thus far?

I really like Blood Rite, Dead Beat, and Changes.
CA: Do you read other webcomics; if so, which ones?
Right now I read Gunnerkrigg Court, Vattu, Skin Deep, and Eth Skin online. I am not a huge fan of reading stuff on screens, so I actually read more than that, but only as the trades come out. So I have the books of TJ and Amal, Hidges, Widdershins, Pang the wandering monk, and Fox Sister.
 CA: Since the series is going to end relatively soon, could you give a two sentence ending that we will never see be canon?
 And everyone lived happily ever after.
Sorcery101-Ch-05.1CA: You’re off to save the day, what dinosaur do you ride in on?

The answer is clearly a Zombie T-Rex.

Sorcery101-Ch-27There you have it! I want to thank Kel McDonald for doing this interview. I hope you all enjoyed reading it. If you haven’t checked out Sorcery 101 yet, please do. It’s a fun series and you’ll soon (too soon!) be able to read it from start to finish. See you next month!

Dr. Alexander Bustos



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