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April 2, 2014

DC Comics Reviews: DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe #6

DCUvsMOTU6DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe #6
Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Keith Giffen & Tony Bedard
Artist(s): Pop Mhan & Eduardo Francisco
Cover: Mikel Janin

It all has come down to this issue as the heroes of Eternia, along with Skeletor and the Justice League, go up against Dark Orko. He is now in control of various heroes and villains of the DC Universe and using them to protect his magic syphons spread across the globe. While this task is underway, He-Man is on a side quest to rescue the hero he thought he had killed earlier in the series. All to make sure Earth isn’t destroyed along with all of its magic.

As Giffen and Bedard wrapped this series up all I can say is forget any assumptions you might have and just have fun with it! The final battle is one huge melee at The House of Secrets, with almost every panel bursting with cameos from various DC characters. The battle between He-Man and his former friend plays out as an attempt at redemption, though one that doesn’t promise a happy ending. However, it’s not a totally dark story as far as tone, since there are lighter moments that work perfectly within the story. My favorite would have to be Deadman taking over Battlecat’s body and his brief interaction with Stratos. There is also a very nice set up for the Masters of the Universe series with the fallout from this issue as well.

Since the art is handled by Mhan and Francisco there’s only the slightest bit of inconsistency with the look of the issue. It’s brief and only takes place during the fight on Trolla, so it’s nothing that will distract from the momentum of the battle. Unfortunately, as solid as the issue looks it’s nowhere near as great looking as Mhan’s work in the fourth issue, making me miss Dexter Soy’s work earlier in the series even more.

DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe is a series that deserved a lot more of a push than it was given from DC Comics. Unfortunately it was released during the Forever Evil hype, and lost among the shuffle of other things, as well. So if you’re a fan of the characters in either universe, then do yourself a favor and grab this for the pure enjoyment and fun to be had!

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