February 11, 2014

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 02/05/14

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Written by: Arnab
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Action Comics #28 (DC)
Martin: Pak delivers a cool almost Silver Age style story (in a good way) & Aaron Kuder gives us an iconic Superman cover.

adventure time flip side 2Adventure Time The Flip Side #2 (Boom!)
NickZ: The insanity continues as things get even more flipped up.

Aliens vs Parker TPB (BOOM!)
Infinite Speech: You want to know how much fun this is? Check the interview!

Aphrodite IX #8 (Top Cow)
Infinite Speech: This book is so smart it’s fun!

Archer & Armstrong #0 (Valiant)
Infinite Speech: Nice lead in into the next arc which looks like it’s gonna get UGLY!
Jeff: A compelling origin for Archer, who I think is an incredibly developed character.

Batman: Detective Comics #28 (DC)
Arnab: So, so, pretty.
Martin: Gothtopia continues & makes a bit more sense now, but Batman’s internal monologue is a bit heavy-handed.
NickZ: In a world under the influence of Scarecrow’s chemicals, Batman’s only ally is Poison Ivy?

Batman: Joker’s Daughter #1 (DC)
NickZ: How much trouble can one crazy teen girl cause?

Bad Blood #2 (Dark Horse)
@DecapitatedDan: A long issue, I’m still on the fence with it. I love the art, but it seems to drag at times. Good ending though, so I’ll be back. 3/5
Jeff: Vampire hunting in a bunch of creepy clubs. This book is really good.

Batwing #28 (DC)
Infinite Speech: Talk crap to Batwing and get a batarang to the forehead. Noted.
NickZ: Batwing must save his sister before his family falls apart.

Black Widow #3 (Marvel)
Jeff: Death by crocodile…I think that’s the worst way to go.

Codename: Action #5 (Dynamite)
Martin: Lau’s art is awesome, & Robertson gives everything we want: jet packs, aliens, ray guns, & a superb ending.

deadworld 3Deadworld Restoration #3 (IDW)
@DecapitatedDan: I love that this series is catering to old fans, as well as new. Another fantastic issue, and it’s so great to see some old faces. Deadworld is such an amazing series. 5/5
Infinite Speech: You can’t predict what’s going to happen but you’re soooo happy with whatever happens! One of THE best zombie titles on the shelves since it’s debut!

Earth 2 #20 (DC)
Infinite Speech: This title snuck up and became my favorite New 52 title next to Batman!
Martin: I missed Nicola Scott on art, but Kitson & Rocha do solid work. More & more, Taylor is not focusing on Flash or GL.

Forever Evil #5 (DC)
Arnab: How is this still going on? Seriously. Longest event ever.
Jeff Lake: I really, really want to like this series. But for me, the novelty has worn off. Issue #5 has some good moments, but overall is just okay.
Martin: I wish we could have seen this issue about 3 issues ago. The momentum is finally moving forward in a good way.
NickZ: Sinestro is a BEAST! Only Batman would have hubris enough to believe a group of super villains is going to follow him and do things his way.

Forever Evil: Arkham War #5 (DC)
Martin: MMy least fave Forever Evil tie-in. Inconsistent plotlines & battles drag on w/ no consequences.
NickZ: What I find most fascinating about this series is how easily Gotham goes to hell without Batman. The city, the people, and the villains all NEED Batman to function.

God is Dead #6 (Avatar Press)
Arnab: This played out almost exactly as I imagined, but it was still entertaining.
Solid issue. I loved the way this one played out. I wish it would have been longer though, and played out more, but still great. 4.5/5

Haunted Horror #9 (IDW)
@DecapitatedDan: Another devilishly delightful collection of terrifying tales.I loved Return of the Ghoul. Haunted Horror is just what the Witch Doctor ordered. 4.5/5

Invincible Universe #10 (Image)
NickZ: Typical crazy superhero wedding.

John Carpenter’s Asylum #4 (Storm King)
@DecapitatedDan: GORE-Geous! Manco and Jones are a perfect match to tell this tale. I love this comic so much. I just wish it came out more often! 4.5/5

Juice Squeezers #2 (Dark Horse)
Infinite Speech: So. Much. Fun!

Lazarus #6 (Image)
Jeff Lake: Man does Rucka write good drama. #6 sees some real movement, as Forever begins to question what she’s so long accepted.

Loki: Agent of Asgard #1 (Marvel)
Jeff: This was surprisingly good. They captured the Hiddleston Loki really well.
NickZ: An awesome start to what is going to be a great series. I am loving Loki more than ever.

Marvel Knights Spider-Man #5 (Marvel)
NickZ: That was a really dark and weird series. I’m not sure I understood the point.

Mighty Avengers #6 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: Such a great character driven issue and a break from Land’s art really made this one enjoyable.

ms marvel 1Ms. Marvel #1 (Marvel)
Arnab: Excellent first issue.
Infinite Speech: So what was all the controversy about? We all know a girl like Zoe don’t we! lol
Jeff: This is the most honest portrayal of a religious character I’ve ever seen. Well done!
Jeff Lake: A uniquely structured yet wholly engaging debut. I was worried Kamala would be nothing more than a headline, yet she proves anything but.

Painkiller Jane: The Price of Freedom #4 (Icon)
Infinite Speech: PKJ is a #$%@ BEAST! I hope the next mini series is even better than this one!

Punisher #1 (Marvel)
Jeff: Edmondson may be the best up-and-comer at Marvel right now. A strong start.
Jeff Lake: Punisher hunts some guys. Punisher shoots some guys. Rinse, repeat. Fun, but nothing special. Here’s hoping there’s more to come.

Revelations #2 (BOOM!)
Jeff: I’m hanging on every panel of this series. A fantastic mystery!

Rover Red Charlie #3 (Avatar Press)
@DecapitatedDan: This book just entered my top ten current comic list. It’s soooo good. I expect by #5 it’s in my top 5 list. I can not wait for more. 5/5

The Star Wars #5 (Dark Horse)
Jeff: The love story of Leia and Annikin in this is less compelling than Padme and Annakin in the movies.
NickZ: The rag tag group has finally gotten all together and the adventure is really getting under way.

Superior Carnage Annual #1 (Marvel)
NickZ: Since when do limited series have annuals?

The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #8 (Marvel)
NickZ: You know she’s a keeper when your date encourages you to be the best super villain that you can be.

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter #1 (Dynamite)
Infinite Speech: Glad to see Turok back for the fans and Andar is a bit of an ass. There I said it.

Uber Siegliende #1/2 (Avatar Press)
@DecapitatedDan: A fantastic back story on Siegliende. I think I know where this will be leading, and I can’t wait. Love the art of Andrade, and I love Uber! 4.5/5

Wolverine #1 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: Stegman & Morales are the only thing that’s going to keep my interest so this better improve real soon.
Jeff: It would help, in a number one issue, to explain what the hell is going on. Fail!
NickZ: Stegman’s art is awesome as usual and Cornell’s story is bonkers. Well at least Wolverine found a way to keep doing what he does best…Kill people.

X-Men #10.1 (Marvel)
Arnab: They should have just let Mann draw the whole book.
Infinite Speech: Remember the whole Psylocke/Kwannon thing? Yeah, well now it’s Lady Deathstrike/Ana Cortes. At least Wolverine and Storm don’t have a sex scene in this one.
Jeff: The art really hurt this story. Wood needs a much more dynamic penciler to bring his stories to life.
NickZ: I love to see these ladies in action and having the kids actually helping out is cool too. It was nice twist to see the girls treating Julian like a piece of meat. (pun intended)



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