March 12, 2014

Off The Shelf: Dragons From Enceladus

DOETitle: Dragons From Enceladus
Author: Enrique Carrion
Cover Artist: Rafael Diaz
Publisher: Acuzio LLC.

Would you lose yourself to save the one you love?

A man’s desire for love will have him cross the farthest reaches of space if need be to make that connection. That same type of love will have a man reach beyond himself to fight for what he knows is his. This is a story as old as time and told in just as many ways. Now, Enrique Carrion offers his version with his sci-fi/fantasy, Dragons From Enceladus. A tale that begins in the streets of Harlem then hurls us through space at a light speed pace. In DFE We’re introduced to Rocky, his struggle in the streets, and his love for Kali. Though Rocky soon finds out that not only are the streets watching but so is the Setakhaun King. He’s been searching the universe for someone and has found what he desires in Rocky’s girlfriend, Kali. A woman whose aura is bright enough to cross galaxies and now that the King knows where she is there is, nothing that will stop him from having her. Not even the love of her life, Rocky.

Though Carrion’s story begins in New York City, as you’re drawn deeper into the world of DFE you start to realize this version of NYC is quite different than our own. With his often poetic narrative, Carrion breathes life into a city where goldfish can be used as currency, communication probes float in windows to connect you with loved ones, and spider fairies are common. He makes the setting just as much a character in the story as Rocky, his crew, or Kali which makes you miss it once the story shifts to the Enceladus. Which he then begins to populate with an even more bizarre array of interplanetary creatures that sets it apart from everything else in the story.

Carrion makes this much more than just a story of a hero’s quest as he masterfully blends certain story elements that we usually don’t see together. Much like with his Vescell series, he makes it hard to see where one ends and the other begins which makes for a more organically evolving tale as we move from page to page. The relationship between Kali and Rocky is established pretty quickly though he leaves no room for doubt when it comes to how they feel about one another. Definitely giving more reason to the story’s credibility as we travel with Rocky on his journey to win back Kali and maybe even find out what kind of man he can be.

A common theme about some of the characters that populate Enrique’s stories are that they don’t usually fall completely on either the “good” or “evil” side. This continues here as Rocky and the Setakhaun King are at odds in this story though both characters have qualities that paint them a similar shade of grey. With Rocky it’s his lifestyle and how he supports himself and Kali whereas with the Setakhaun King it’s his motives and what drives him to do the things he’s doing. This has always made for richer characters and it’s evident that Carrion is taking advantage of the many layers he can play with when it comes to them. Maybe a perfect example of this would be the King’s sister who walks a fine line between our protagonist and antagonist for much of the story.

The story itself is one that is firmly dedicated to the abstract and fantastical elements that enrich the imagination much like The Neverending Story or Labrynth did with their stories. Dragons From Enceladus shares some of those familiar themes while blending in a bit of the grit from New Jersey Drive or Juice that gives it a much different flavor and a much welcome level of freshness. So get your copy and lose yourself in a great adventure you didn’t see coming!

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