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December 18, 2013

Marvel Reviews: Mighty Avengers #4

mighty-avengers-4Mighty Avengers #4
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Greg Land
Cover: Greg Land & Frank D’Amarata

Mighty Avengers may still dealing with the fall out from Marvel’s “Infinity” event but Ewing has decided to focus more on team building than Black Bolt’s Terrigen Bomb effects. This is definitely where this issue shines as character roles are established and everyone is getting a feel for their new situation. What’s also nice is the addition of Falcon to the team and how Ewing utilizes those underlying sidekick presumptions for some really great dialogue. He continues the mystery of who Spider Hero is and made it more than just a game of “who’s under the mask”. Especially since Luke and Monica already seem to know who he is. There’s also a very interesting conversation between him and a former Dr. Strange villain which hints that things are going to get really complicated later on. As for current complications it seems as if Ewing is setting up some team issues as Spider-Man challenges the competency of Luke Cage when it comes to running the team.

With this issue being mostly character building and setting up other plot lines there’s a lot of people just standing around. This slower pace might be what makes Greg Land’s work in this issue stronger than it was in the first. Frank D’Armata’s colors also work to make this a stronger looking issue throughout. The inconsistencies in the art that were in Mighty Avengers #1 still pop up from time to time but a lot less so it’s not as distracting here.

Mighty Avengers #4 has quite a few things going for it and the main one is the members of the team. It’s no secret that this is Marvel’s attempt to add a bit more diversity to their titles in terms of gender and race. But hopefully that won’t be the main draw for the series as long as Ewing can keep writing strong stories.

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