December 4, 2009

Th3rd World Studios Reviews: Omega Chase #2

cover-oc-02-lgPublisher: Th3rd World Studios
Writer: Keith Dallas
Artist: Julio Molina-Muscara
Cover: Steven Cummings

“Tribal Council”: Mack Baron has some serious issues as of late. He doesn’t know why he keeps having visions of himself at various points in history, or why he knows things that a man living in 1881 shouldn’t.  Though right now he is a Sheriff of a small town that has a bit of a zombie problem.  He left in search of answers in the nearby town of Riverhill, which is a seedy hive of scum and villainy (couldn’t resist!), that is on its last leg. After meeting the town landlord he’s told a sad tale and is pointed in the direction of the Tonkawa tribe, since they may be the source of his trouble.

Soon after arriving back in his own town, Mack Baron is no closer to solving the zombie problem than he was in the first issue. Which is why he really can’t say much to Beth as she’s lecturing him, but that is cut short as two more zombies stroll into town and open fire on Mack from outside of the window. So after an assist from Beth, both zombies are taken care of  with extreme prejudice. After the cleanup and a meeting with some rail road surveyors, the towns people want something done immediately.  Mack rides out with a posse to the see if the Tonkawa tribe nearby has any information that may help. During this tense discussion Mack has a revelation and orders the posse to ride back to town immediately with him. Upon arriving they find the town overrun by the zombies and the man responsible for it all!  Not gonna spoil the ending for you but… it really sucks for Mack!

Mack Baron is a very confused man and it’s fun to see him stumble through and still get the job done as best he can.  Keith Dallas gives us a great story with a few twists and turns that just keep you invested in it. Then again, I’m the guy that loves western themes and zombies so I was hooked from the words “old west and zombies!” The pacing is fine and I’m a fan of discovering WITH the character as opposed to knowing before hand, and I’m glad at this point Keith has decided to develop the story that way. Julio’s artwork continues to be fun in this issue and there’s a pretty awesome dragon in one of Mack’s flashbacks.

Omega Chase is a breath of fresh air from the norm, and I’m looking forward to finding out about Mack Baron the Lieutenant Commander of the Galactic Alliance Starship Paladin in the next issue!

Infinite Speech



  1. billy

    I like the artwork. Looks very solid. Good review IS.

  2. Wait a second… the zombies shoot guns!?

  3. Thanks much for the review and comments. Infinite Speech, besides my official website, I post certain artwork including some of the latest Omega Chase #5 pages, at my Facebook page at I hope you enjoy them. And congratulations about

  4. Keith Dallas

    “Omega Chase is a breath of fresh air from the norm!”

    Now THAT’S a pull quote if I ever saw one! We have to put that on the cover of our next issue!

    It’s funny you mention the “awesome dragon” that Mack recalls. Thanks to my “artistico hermano” Julio, I OWN the original art to that page. And yes, it IS awesome!

    Thanks for the review!

  5. InfiniteSpeech

    wow! you guys are welcome and thanks to you for putting out good material. And Keith it’s not nice to brag lol

    @ Andy- yeah they shoot guns (as best they can)…you assume they all just roam around in search of brains and sexy co eds to munch on? That would be zombie profiling man…not cool! lol

  6. If were to be referenced on the cover of a comic, I will plant daisies on Hollywood Blvd.

  7. If that does happen then make sure we either get pics or video. you gonna wear that Robin costume from Gin and Comics?

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