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November 25, 2013

Archaia Reviews: The Reason For Dragons HC

The Reason For Dragons HC
Publisher: Archaia
Writer: Chris Northrop
Artist: Jeff Stokely
Cover: Jeff Stokely

We’re introduced to young Wendell who is struggling in his relationship with his stepfather, and runs away after the two have an argument. A while later he ends up crossing paths with the neighborhood bullies who eventually dare Wendell to go to the abandoned Ren Faire grounds, which are rumored to be haunted. So, after giving in to peer pressure he sets out to prove himself, and ends up getting more than he ever imagined. He meets a lone knight, Sir Habersham, who has a very different version of why the grounds were burned to ashes months ago. But is this strange knight just delusional, or is there something more to his story than anyone knows or will believe?

We need more stories like The Reason For Dragons, and you don’t realize it until a guy like Chris Northrop comes along and shows you. Depending on your age it’s either reminiscent of the fantasy stories you grew up on, or it can be what gets you wanting more stories like it. Mostly due to some very good characters and the interactions between them. Northrop doesn’t go over the top with the issues between Wendell and his stepfather, Ted. He keeps it very grounded and balanced between the two, which makes them both very likeable characters. Ted is really trying to make a connection (albeit quite forceful), but Wendell is so unsure of himself and still misses his father that he’s not the easiest kid to talk to. There’s also Sir Habersham who not only steals the show, but helps Wendell discover who he can be when he has no other choice.

Aside from the great writing you will also be entertained by Jeff Stokely’s wonderful artwork, which moves the tale along at a great pace, and is even better when there’s no dialogue in the panels. From the escape from the hospital to the battle, there’s not one bad looking panel in this book! And that last one with Wendell and Ted in the snow is just one very emotional piece. There’s also five extra short stories that are just as fun, and give a little more background on Ted, and some that detail the further adventures of Sir Habersham.

There’s something great to be said about a book that takes your imagination and treats it like the wonderful playground that it is! The Reason For Dragons does this exceptionally well and is the kind of all ages fantasy tale that should be on every shelf. So if yours is missing this book then I highly suggest picking it up and adding it to your collection.

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