November 7, 2013

Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2013

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Written by: Dr. Bustos
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November is filled to the brim with conventions in the L.A. area and we start off the month with Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2013. This is the first year the convention has gone for three days, and wow those were some long days full of stuff. Saturday was packed to the brim and everyday had great cosplay. So enough of me talking, let’s get to some picks of the con.


101B4790First thing I saw and it was before it got rushed for pictures. Look at the majesty.


This was just a tiny segment of Saturday’s crowds.


One of Webcomic of the Month’s favorites, Boston Metaphysical Society was on hand while working on their Kickstarter. That’s a lot of work!

Go help them out now!


They sold Tribble-corns. A mix of unicorn and tribble. I don’t want to know how they bred them.

Buy their stuff here.


Are you reading the Devastator yet? I’ve been recommending it for nearly a year now. You really should.

For real, check them out!

Videogame History Museum had tons of free videogames to play!

Videogame History Museum had tons of free videogames to play!

I donated to them and so should you.

Now on to some cosplay!


Harley Quinn!101B5970

Hawkman and Robin!101B5880

The Sanderson Sisters and Billy!101B5850

Kid Loki!101B5760


Sandman and Doctor Octopus!101B5600

Ivysaur and Blastoise!101B5530

Alphonse Elric!101B5180

Rescue! Captains Americas! Black Widow! Iron Man! Hidden Hawkeye!101B5000

Gomez and Morticia Addams!

So there’s some pictures from the con. For the most part the con was great. There was a sore spot though, there was a guy who was caught taking unwanted pictures of passers by’s butts. Comikaze was quick to react but when I was looking around, I heard that the guy was still on the premises the next day. I thought he should have been kicked out for that behavior since that sort of thing is a part of a bigger problem and people should be able to go to a con away from that. I thought the harassment policy was zero tolerance but I got that mistaken with the official Twitter account of Comikaze. The fact that this guy has the wiggle room necessary to go from publicly stating zero tolerance to still there the day after, isn’t really going to put a stop to that behavior. The written harassment policy on their site doesn’t match up with that tweet stating no tolerance, the written policy is good but it has more room to allow this guy to stay. I like how inclusive the list is, but it can say that Comikaze decided to have some tolerance versus that tweet. It’s a weird clash. Sorry for ending this article on a sad note, but I want to know why this guy was still there and I’m not getting answers.

Dr. Alexander Bustos



  1. ken meyer jr

    You missed showing two things that were really different, cool, and worth seeing. One was a woman who makes incredibly lifelike ‘dolls’ of little vampire babies. I mean, REALLY lifelike, down to weighting body parts so they flop around like babies. Another was a woman who just finished a degree in some sort of animal science and had a big collection of mounted exotic insects, bats, spiders, lizards and more.

    • I didn’t miss the vampire dolls, they terrified me. I think if I took a picture of them, I’d end up with foggy pictures of them. That’s not a derogatory, but a testament to how well made those were. I’m sad to have missed the animal science booth. Several booths didn’t get listed just due to picture space and not having enough to include a second article. Same with some cosplay.

  2. ken meyer jr

    Yeah, well, I, for one, have had it with all the cosplay stuff…how many crappy Green Lanterns and Harley Quinns do we need to see anyway? Too bad you missed the animal booth…it was full of mounted exotic insects, lizards, bats (vampire and more), arachnids…it was pretty singular.

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