October 8, 2013

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 10/02/13

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Written by: Arnab
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Action Comics #24 (DC)
NickZ: Attacking Superman in his mind is smart, this book, unfortunately is not.

All-New X-Men #17 (Marvel)
Arnab: I just want to know if this future timeline is the same future timeline in Cable and the X-Force!
Jeff: Hey, choosing Dazzler to be president isn’t any worse than any other politician in office these days.
NickZ: Even in the future it seems the X-Men are still fighting each other. And President Dazzler? *eye roll*

anxm 17All-New X-Men Special #1 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: I don’t know how to feel about this story. It’s not essential but it’s not terrible either.
Jeff: I haven’t seen Kris Anka’s interior work before, but I love it!
NickZ: Pretty great story, I just wish it wasn’t told from Beast’s perspective. (Can’t get past my hatred of him)

Batwing #24 (DC)
NickZ: My favorite Bat-book, not staring Batman.

Batman: Detective Comics #24 (DC)
Arnab: Wrath is such a stupid villain name.
NickZ: Wrath and Batman have their “final” showdown.

Bedlam #9 (Image)
Arnab: I’m just sitting here waiting for the other shoe to drop. And bam, mass murder.
Jeff: This book is starting to lose steam for me.

Bushido #1 (Top Cow)
Martin: Pirates! Samurai! Vampires! Oh, my! Interesting concept but needs a little tightening up in terms of script & art.

Codename: Action #2 (Dynamite)
Martin: Tons of fun – great art, cool action-packed Cold War spy story, and a fun appearance by some pulp-era heroes.

Earth 2 #16 (DC)
Martin: Robinson ends his Earth 2 run with a great story and shocking twist ending. Nicola Scott’s art is superb.

Fantomex Max #1 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: It’s still Fantomex just with cursing, cleavage, and a pretty fun story.
Jeff Lake: Fun, but uneven. Max imprint deserves more than just foul language and scantily clad babes.

Forever Evil #2 (DC)
Arnab: Forever Evil? More like Forever Batman!!
Jeff Lake: I really, really enjoy the Crime Syndicate. Some interesting layers here.
Martin: Goes a long way toward fixing some of my issues with FE #1. Love that Luthor’s bodyguard is named “Otis”
NickZ: Two issues in and you can already see the beginning of the end for the Crime Syndicate. And was anyone really surprised by the surviving Justice League member?

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #6 (DC)
Infinite Speech: It’s He-Man for a new era and Giffen is knocking it out of the park!

Invincible Universe #7 (Image)
NickZ: Pizza Dog look out! You’re not the only dog to get an entire comic issue devoted to you.

Lazarus #4 (Image)

Jeff Lake: Schemes on top of schemes! This book continues to impress, one of my current favs.
Martin: Beautiful art accompanies an action-packed story that still manages to include a lot of intrigue & family politics.

mara 6Mara #6 (Image)
Arnab: That was a great ending. This book was absolutely fantastic and oh so gorgeous.
Dr. Bustos: A lovely ending to a beautiful series.

Marvel Knights Spider-Man #1 (Marvel)
NickZ: If you miss Peter Parker than look no further than this trippy PP Spidey story. It may help to take some drugs first. (Not that we condone those kinds of activities)

Mighty Avengers #2 (Marvel)
Dr. Bustos: The character they reveal at the end of this issue has me so psyched for the next one.
Infinite Speech: When Infinity is over I’ll take this title more seriously. When Land isn’t drawing this series I’ll enjoy it a little more as well.

Mocking Dead #2 (Dynamite Entertainment)
Infinite Speech: Van Lente is making sure you’ll have fun reading this series!

The Movement #5 (DC)
Dr. Bustos: I’m glad we’re seeing more of these characters use some of their powers.

The Occultist #1 (Dark Horse)
Dr. Bustos: Glad to see the return of this series and this looks like an interesting new story.

Quantum and Woody #4 (Valiant)
Dr. Bustos: The E.R.A. is hopefully not finished yet but this was a good end for an adventure.

Savage Wolverine #9 (Marvel)
Jeff: Uh…what the hell is this?
NickZ: Jock takes on writing and drawing duties on this way out Wolverine story that can only be described as unusual and for a guy with as much history as Wolverine, that’s saying a lot.

star wars 2The Star Wars #2 (Dark Horse)
Infinite Speech: Am I wrong for wanting to see this version on the big screen?
Jeff: I don’t know what’s more fun about this, Mayhew’s art or spotting the mixed up names and places.
NickZ: OMG! This series is totally blowing my mind. It’s too strange. Seems the only thing familiar are the character’s names.

The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #4 (Marvel)
NickZ: For a dumb guy, Boomerang is pretty smart. Still loving this book.

Trillium #3 (Vertigo)

Jeff Lake: What the hell is going on in this book? Intriguing, though I hate the page layout.

Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger #12 (DC)
Martin: Story’s consistently getting better but tired of Sin Eater. Not sure how it’s a “Forever Evil” tie-in.

Uber #6 (Avatar Press)
Infinite Speech: Another great issue from Gillen and White in a series that’s been kicking ass since the beginning!



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