September 18, 2013

Dark Horse Reviews: Kiss Me, Satan #1

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Written by: Billy
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kissmesatan#1Kiss Me, Satan #1
Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Victor Gischler
Artist: Juan Ferreyra (cover by Dave Johnson)
Colors: Eduardo Ferreyra

Finally the wait is over! Now we have a werewolf book of the highest caliber on the shelves!!! OK, let’s calm down and talk about Kiss Me, Satan #1! In New Orleans there’s a very seedy underground run by a pack of werewolves. They keep everything in order, including the gambling, prostitution, and protection rackets. It’s like a very hairy mafia, except this one won’t need a baseball bat or a gun, they rip you to shreds with their claws and teeth! Not only are there werewolves, but also witches, magic, and a mention of vampires, too. Oh, and did I mention a team of demons trying to kill the protagonist?

This issue delivered in so many ways, but honestly, with this creative team, it was a can’t miss. Gischler really amps up the violence, but it’s not gratuitous by any means. Everything fits perfectly into place, and the actual story behind all of this monster action is pretty good, too. The characters are all pretty strong, and have lots of room to grow, as well. This will undoubtedly be used to further the origin story in later issues. Hopefully we’ll get more on the origins of the pack, the demon involvement, and the lead character and his dilemma, as well!

Anyone who’s seen Juan Ferreyra’s work before knows that he can flat out get it done. The series Colder (soon to be released in trade paperback) is one of the best visuals you will ever see in comics. This book is in that same vein of awesomeness! Vicious looking werewolves, shady witches, great action scenes, eye popping colors, car chases, a powerful amulet, bullets flying, and a pregnant werewolf! Yeah, really, not kidding. The best panel by far was a scene where a werewolf jumps onto the back of a moving car, and scares the crap out of the passengers. It just looks fantastic, between the werewolf, and the girls, you get a scene that should be a poster.

Fantastic start to this mini-series, and once again, Dark Horse delivers a superb book. This is getting to be a regular thing, but that also means that the stakes are getting higher for them to repeat this again and again. With creators like the ones on this book, you know they’re going to do it. Rating 5/5



Billy Dunleavy



  1. I preordered this and I’m SO GLAD it looks like I chose wisely!

    • Billy

      You’ll love it!

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