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September 12, 2013

DC Reviews: DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe #1

DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe #1
Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Keith Giffen
Artist: Dexter Soy
Cover: Ed Benes and Randy Mayor

Never in a million years could anyone tell me that they saw this crossover coming! Even with the new He-Man and the Masters of the Universe title from DC there is no way you seriously thought that one day Superman and He-Man would be occupying the same book for a legit crossover.

If you have not been reading Giffen’s current He-Man series he still makes this a very nice jumping on point for the reader. Also, by tying this directly to what’s going on with the heroes and villains on Eternia it gives the story a much stronger foundation. Now, on the DC end he brings in some magic centric characters like Black Alice and Contantine which are used very well instead of just being tossed in because of their ties to magic. This ensures the issue isn’t just fun but very credible in making this “far fetched” crossover work.

The artwork from Dexter Soy is consistently well and for anyone who has not seen the Masters of the Universe characters in a while should be impressed with their costume redesigns. He-Man’s especially is a bit more warrior-like and looks less silly than his 80’s interpretation. Soy moves the story itself with a nice pacing and keeps your eye entertained and moving along.

Giffen’s strong writing on the MotU series carries over to this crossover and he ensures that it’s not just something thrown together. There is a purposeful story here and for now it ties moreso into the MotU world but the ramifications for Earth should Skeletor (who hasn’t been seen in a while) succeed won’t be good for either realm. So, I suggest picking this title up because the 80s kid in you is begging for it! Now, if you’re not old enough to have been an 80s kid then pick it up anyway because it’s just a fun read!

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