September 10, 2013

Top Cow Reviews: Witchblade #169

witchblade169_coverAWitchblade #169
Publisher: Top Cow
Writer: Tim Seeley
Artist: Diego Bernard
Cover: Diego Bernard & Fred Benes

Everything comes together in the final chapter of “Absolute Corruption,” as Sara’s allies attempt to rescue her while the city is tearing itself apart due to the Corruption Cataract swelling beneath the city.

As the story plays out, Seeley keeps things pretty fast paced and full of action. It was also a pretty strong conclusion, even with very little of Sara wielding the Witchblade and slaying bad guys on every page. This would be a problem if the newer characters introduced weren’t enjoyable, but whether you like some of them or not this title has a nice supporting cast. Seeley was able to balance all of their time out fairly well, though more Katarina would have been nice since she seemed to get some of the better dialog here.


Once again Bernard makes Witchblade look just as good now as he did when he first came onto the title! Along with the rest of the art team, they have made this title one of the better looking comics on the shelf issue after issue. The visual storytelling here does what’s needed and moves pretty fluidly from start to finish.

With the conclusion of this arc, Seeley’s time on Witchblade has also come to an end. There were some rough parts, but there have also been some pretty high points along the way. Whatever your view about his take on Witchblade, he took it and made it his while attempting to give fans something new. That right there deserves some applause if you ask me. This still remains a Top Cow title that’s worth checking out!

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