August 13, 2013

Crisis of Infinite Reviews 08/07/13

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Written by: Arnab
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tec 23Batman: Detective Comics #23
Writer: John Layman
Artists: Jason Fabok and Blond
Cover Artists: Jason Fabok and Emilio Lopez
Publisher: DC

There’s a new villain in town who’s just as rich, just as equipped, and just as dangerous as Batman. Wrath is in many ways the anti-Batman. He’s identical to Batman in almost every way, except he hunts the police. John Layman is doing a great job with this current arc. His portrayal of Bruce’s relationship with Alfred is great, going further than most writers to utilize Alfred in a more proactive manner. What’s great about this book, is that the reader is essentially getting two separate, but excellent stories. The second feature story in the back, which has been following Man-Bat, is exceptionally well done. The buildup and reveal in this issue is an exciting and emotional twist. Jason Fabok on the main story continues to illustrate a fantastic Gotham and Batman. 4/5

green arrow 23Green Arrow #23
Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artists: Andrea Sorrentino
Cover Artists: Andrea Sorrentino
Publisher: DC

Jeff Lemire’s run has essentially been one remarkably long arc, that has often felt drawn out and even slightly boring at times. That is not the case with this issue. Whereas the pacing of most of his arc has been tediously slow, this issue moves at a much quicker, more effective pace. More happens in this issue, especially given Shado’s storytelling, than has happened in most of Lemire’s run, which is great if this is any indication of future issues. Andrea Sorrentino’s artwork is still great to look at, however it isn’t as finely in tune with Green Arrow as it was with I, Vampire. While his art’s graphic style lends to the action, his characters can sometimes appear indistinguishable from one another. Overall, this issue is a strong improvement over the last couple of issues. 4.5/5

swamp thing 23Swamp Thing #23
Writer: Charles Soule
Artists: Kano, David Lapham, Alvaro Lopez, and Matthew Wilson
Cover Artists: Guillem March and Tomeu Morey
Publisher: DC

John Constantine has always been a bit of a loose cannon. He doesn’t seem to play by any set rules, or follow anyone’s lead, and he’s got the magical mojo to backup pretty much anything he wants to do, and Charles Soule is using that to his advantage. He’s turned a seemingly far-fetched story about a magical whiskey tree that turns its drinkers into mindless psychopaths, into an eerily dark story about a town gone wrong. Soule’s take on Swamp Thing has been exceptional from the get-go and continues to get better with each issue. Kano’s art, with David Lapham, Alvaro Lopez, and Matthew Wilson, continues to be a great aspect of this series. They’ve created a much more dark and grim Swamp Thing, as opposed to the approachable, almost cuddly Swamp Thing during Scott Snyder’s run, and that does a great job of reinforcing this idea of Swampy’s struggle with maintaining his humanity. 4.5/5

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