November 24, 2009

Marvel Reviews: War Machine #11


Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Wellinton Alves
Cover: Francesco Mattina

“War Crimes pt 1”: While other heroes have been mildly annoying Norman Osborn since he came to power, War Machine a.k.a. Jim Rhodes has been knee deep in his rear end for the past few months.  Exposing corruption, taking out individuals on his kill list, even going toe to toe with Ares and gaining his respect on the battlefield!  It’s at the point now that Norman was forced to personally step in with his H.A.M.M.E.R. squad to first help War Machine take out Ultimo and then actually took out Rhodes himself.  For those not up to speed on the current changes Jim Rhodes has gone through, he’s now a cyborg and thanks to Tony Stark’s foresight during Secret Invasion, his War Machine armor has had significant upgrades to take on the tasks ahead.

This issue picks up with a captured Jim Rhodes about to stand trial for his various “crimes” across the globe.  It was during these events he released information to the world about the Bainesville Ten who are a group of wealthy businessmen and poloticians who are responsible for some disgusting and horrible acts.  Now Osborn is using the trial to take negative press away from the Bainesvill Ten and hopefully kill War Machine in the process.  His cybernetics have been replaced with plastics and there is no circuitry or metal allowed anywhere near him because he can assimilate it.  His team, or pit crew if you will, are on edge thinking of ways to break him out, but soon realize that he wants to be where he is and they have to trust that. So who does a hero call when in trouble? None other than Matt Murdock himself, the guy on everyone’s speed dial.  And due to some ingenuity from War Machine, Norman Osborn may be in for a bit of a surprise later on.

I did not know I would like this title this much and I know it’s because of Greg Pak’s writing!  He has positioned War Machine to be a real power player and I’m hoping that Marvel capitalizes on this.  Pak actually develops Jim Rhodes as a character and gives you a reason to see him as more than just Iron Man’s buddy; even bringing into play here Ares respect for War Machine as he reveals his god crush and refers to Rhodes as “my champion.” Then add to that the pencils by Wellinton Alves who helps bring it all together and you’ve got yourself a damn good issue. I also have to add that every single cover by Francesco Mattina (Thunderbolts) has been slammin’!

This is probably one of the best books you’re not reading and this is coming from the guy who didn’t think this title stood a chance in the first place.  If I could, I’d keep Pak on War Machine and Incredible Hulk forever!

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  1. “This is probably one of the best books you’re not reading.”

    Well, you’ve got me there. There was never any appeal to me with War Machine, but I’ll give it a shot considering Pak’s writing it. Is issue #11 a good enough place to jump in?

  2. It is and it isnt. this is the beginning of the trial arc and its going to lead to new things but for a better understanding you might want to grab 1-10

  3. Billy

    I really enjoyed the SI stuff and Pak is a good writer indeed. I’ll have to try and pick up a few issues.

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