May 29, 2013

Titan Books Review: The Simon & Kirby Library: Science Fiction

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Written by: Dr. Bustos
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The-Simon-and-Kirby-Library-Science-Fiction-Titan-BooksThe Simon & Kirby Library: Science Fiction
Publisher: Titan Books
Writer/Artist: Joe Simon & Jack Kirby with a collection of various other artists and such. Introduction by Dave Gibbons.
Art Restoration and New Colors: Harry Mendryk

Simon and Kirby are legends in the comics industry. They are the creators of Captain America, and worked on a slew of works from the Golden Age and onwards. Titan Books has been champs at collecting these two powerhouses’ teamwork in massive collection books.

This is the science fiction collection of Simon and Kirby as the cover states, and I’m a big fan of outlandish sci-fi because of what you get to see in regards to aliens. I love a lot of space opera science fiction, and the book has Blue Bolt who is a laser blaster wielding character that just has such a simple yet elegant design. I realized while reading this book that a lot of my favorite kitschy sci-fi look is inside the pages. There’s also stories that would fit in with Twilight Zone for some episodes, and that is meant in the highest praise.

The art of the book has the classic look of when I think of non-superhero comics of the era. The art is really well done both originally and in its restoration. The book also has the undeniable Kirby look when it’s his artwork; I made it a guessing game to see if I was right, and it’s pretty easy to tell.

The book is great for beginners looking to get into reading old comics, because the works are still gorgeous to look at, and the stories are very much a joy of a look back. If you are a fan, this book is easily something to get when you have the cash for it. The book is held together wonderfully and I love that the covers look like they are themselves books. The whole thing is put together with a lot of care and love for the material.

Alexander Bustos

Review copy provided by Titan Books.



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