April 13, 2013

Image Reviews: Saga #12

Saga #12
Publisher: Image
Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artist: Fiona Staples
Cover: Fiona Staples

If you let the so called controversy overshadow how good this book is, then you really must reconsider your priorities. Especially if you’ve been reading every issue up until this one. Starting with a look at Prince Robot IV’s past via a dream that is interrupted by a phone call. This call in particular is from an agent of the Landfall Secret Intelligence that ends in a veiled threat to the young Prince’s pregnant wife if his mission isn’t concluded. We also finally meet the author of the book that has ruffled so many feathers across the galaxy, which all ends in one suspenseful cliffhanger.

Saga has been a visual feast for the eyes since the first issue, and nothing about that has changed. From Fiona’s wonderful covers to her interiors, this is a great book to look at. Since this is a galaxy spanning tale, it’s great to see the various beings she comes up with to inhabit it. What’s great is that you’ll never know what to expect on the next page, and this has been something of an unexpected treat issue after issue. The visuals range from sexual to violent to heartwarming, but nothing about any of it seems forced. She moves the story quite well with her signature style, and it’s going to be great to see what she comes up with next.

The story itself continues to go places that you would not have expected. Vaughan even makes the quieter issues like this one more of a solid read than a faster paced issue filled with action. He’s built the supporting characters to a point where they can effectively carry an issue, while also giving us enough mystery surrounding D. Oswald Heist that it was great finally seeing this character. The dialog between him and Prince Robot IV was some of the best he’s done in this series, and it’s always good to see characters play a mental chess game against each other.

A great series like Saga doesn’t  come around too often in an industry struggling with originality. Though now that it’s here, you should give it a look and see if it’s for you. Sure this issue was soaked in controversy, and it was shoved down our throats day after day. But let’s not lose sight of what really makes this title news worthy, and that’s the creative team behind the book bringing quality artwork and writing issue after issue!

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