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It’s Clobberin’ Time: WWE Wrestlers Who Were Inspired By Comic Books

Wrestling and comic books may seem like two completely different aspects that would never cross one another. However, comic books and wrestling may have more in common once you peel back the layers and really give both aspects of entertainment a look. Something about people who are strong settling all their disagreements with each other […]


Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 11/08/17

Action Comics #991 (DC) NickZ: When the current darkness of our world is too much to bare even for Superman. 🙁 Astonisher #2 ( Lion Forge) Infinite Speech: Not sure if I’m liking Magnus yet but I’m sticking with this title a bit longer to find out because it’s crazy fun! Batman Lost #1 (DC) […]

BOOM! Studios

From Friendly Ghosts To Gamma Rays: Power Rangers: Year One

From Friendly Ghosts To Gamma Rays, No. 199 Welcome back to our all-ages comics column, From Friendly Ghosts To Gamma Rays! Its been a minute since we last spoke but we return once again with a hit from BOOM! as they continue the stories of the legendary Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! That’s right folks it’s […]


The Correct Opinion: Top 5 Reasons Why Batman Is Better than Iron Man

Hello and shut up! Welcome to The Correct Opinion. This is my semi-regular platform that I will be using to enlighten you about the world of comics and pop culture, no thanks necessary. I do what I do not for praise or adoration but simply because you’re f****** wrong and you won’t shut up about […]


Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 11/01/17

Adventure Time #70 (Boom!) NickZ: TFW you get to the issue of Adventure Time that is no longer drawn by Ian McGinty 🙁 Astonishing X-Men #5 (Marvel) NickZ: Death has made Xavier even more of an ass than he was in life. Batman #34 (DC) Arnab: Dick and Damian? adorable, as usual. Bat and Cat? […]



GEN Manga Review: GEN 12

Gen 12 Publisher: GEN Manga Entertainment Writers/Artists: Junji Ohno, Richard Rodriguez, Kasuke Kabaya, LOVE, Isora Azumi, Nukuharu, and Hajime Taguchi GEN Manga returns this month with another collection of stories, some cont...
by Dr. Bustos


F.F.G.T.G.R. WORLD CUP SPECIAL: Roy of the Rovers and Giant Killing!

Hello and welcome to a special edition of From Friendly Ghosts To Gamma Rays! Usually we’re bi-weekly with this column, but being that soon the World Cup, my personal favorite sport, will be wrapping up, I wanted to bring...
by Drew


DC Universe News: DC Entertainment Executive Team Named

In September of last year, Warner Bros. created a new company known as DC Entertainment. The purpose of DC Entertainment is to integrate the characters of DC Comics into all media platforms, and today, the members of DC Enterta...
by Jordan



Top Cow Reviews: Witchblade #185

Witchblade #185 Publisher: Top Cow Writer: Ron Marz & Matt Hawkins Artist: Abishek Masluni, Michael Turner, Stjepan Sejic, Nelson Blake II, Isaac Goodhart, Linda Sejic, Philip Sevy, & Randy Green Cover: Stjepan Sejic My...
by InfiniteSpeech


Ye Olde School Cafe’: X-Men: Inferno pt 3

Welcome back for the stunning conclusion of Inferno, in Ye Olde School Cafe’. This week will focus on X-Men #’s 242 and 243 (writer: Chris Claremont, Artist: Marc Silvestri) and X-Factor #’s 38 and 39 ( Writer...
by Billy


Top Cow Reviews: Symmetry #2

Symmetry #2 Publisher: Top Cow Writer: Matt Hawkins Artist: Raffaele Ienco Cover: Raffaele Ienco In the first issue, Matt Hawkins and Raffaele Ienco introduced us to quite the interesting version of a Utopia. However, all ̶...
by InfiniteSpeech



Crisis of Infinite Reviews 02/13/13

Batgirl #17 Writer: Ray Fawkes Artists: Daniel Sampere, Vicente Cifuentes, and Blond Cover Artists: Juan Jose Ryp and Tomeu Morey Publisher: DC James Gordon Jr. is every hero’s nightmare, because he’s family. And even thoug...
by Arnab


Image Reviews: Heart #2

Heart #2 Publisher: Image Writer: Blair Butler Artist: Kevin Mellon Oren Redmond’s rise to Mixed Martial Arts fame continues in round two of Blair Butler and Kevin Mellon’s mini-series. Even if you know nothing abou...
by andrewhurst


Character Spotlight: Gorilla Grodd

Telepathy is a terrifying power on its own, now imagine if that power were in that of a super-intelligent 600 pound gorilla. What you get is Gorilla Grodd, the tyrant of Gorilla City, the furriest Flash villain, and the topic o...
by Dr. Bustos



Superhero Enterprises: A Smooth Transition

OK, so, you’re a graduate of Pepperdine University, and have a resume that includes Radio Disney, Capitol Records, and Warner Bros. So who thinks this this sounds like a dude involved in comic books? Yeah, me neither, bu...
by Billy


Dark Horse Reviews: Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Search: Part 2

Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Search Part 2 Publisher: Dark Horse Writer: Gene Yang Artist: Gurihuru Being a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender means that you probably want to know where Zuko and Azula’s mother is. The S...
by Dr. Bustos


Oni Press Reviews: Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour!

Everyone please welcome guest writer, and our Editor-in-Chief’s co-worker at Collector’s Paradise in Los Angeles, Nicholas Ignacio, as he reviews Oni Press’s 6th and final volume of the Scott P...
by admin