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May 7, 2017

Lion Forge Reviews: Noble #1

Noble #1
Publisher: Lion Forge
Writer: Brandon Thomas
Artist: Roger Robinson
Colorist: Juan Fernandez
Cover: Roger Robinson & Juan Fernandez

A new universe has arrived in Lion Forge’s Catalyst Prime imprint with the promise of new superheroes to get excited about. And there’s plenty to get excited about in the first issue of Noble as the creative team sets up the debut of the mysterious lead character in classic superhero fashion that’s pure fun.

Our story begins on a tragic note as Thomas introduces readers to Astrid Allen-Powell. She has just lost her husband and we don’t get a clear explanation as to how but Thomas allows for several panels as we see how the news affects her. From here he takes us to straight up superhero action as our mystery man is being pursued by a group of para-military types who want him alive. Here is where Thomas shines with precise dialogue that reveals much about the character of our man on the run while allowing the art to move more of the action sequences. When the pacing slows a bit in the last few pages, he leaves you with a tense moment that dares you not to come back for the second issue.

Robinson builds some excellent tension in the first few panels with the close-up of Astrid’s hand and her fiddling with her wedding ring. He also chooses to highlight the early flashbacks with illuminated panel borders though we might have to thank colorist Juan Fernandez for that subtle bit of visual art. As far as the issue as a whole it’s filled with many great looking pages that show off one great chase/fight sequence. Robinson and Hernandez deliver quality action from the enhanced abilities to the brutal hand to hand combat scenes. Letterer Saida Temofonte deserves serious props for also making the action stand out and helping build the intensity of several panels. One page in particular is when the soldier is attempting to get through the shield and it’s a better progression of story because of Temofonte’s subtle touch.

Noble does exceed expectations and though it’s short on character development it’s not a strike against the issue. The quick jump to action and it’s progression is executed so well that you’ll want to see what else the creative team has in store. And for the “make your own” crowd you can either support or go sit in the corner because Catalyst Prime is looking great so far!

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  1. Lady Trader Zee

    Ithe was the best gift on Free Comic Book Day. The art is beautifully designed and the story is good. I added them both to my Pull List waiting eagerly for next releases.

    • I was shocked it was a full comic and not just a teaser book too! They fully took advantage of FCBD and treated their fans and potential new readers

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