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“Red Moon” OGN is Something to Howl About

While at San Diego Comic Con I ran into a couple of guys who introduced me to their indie graphic novel Red Moon, and boy am I glad they did! The story, art, and design are by David McAdoo, and Steve Kozak produces the work. T...
by The Movie Lady


My First San Diego Comic Con part 5: Cosplay Group B

Welcome back to My First San Diego Comic Con, where all this week I’ve been recapping my experience of this year’s biggest geek convention in the world. To date, we’ve had the joyous experience of waiting in l...
by Andy


The Comics Console: San Diego Comic Con 2010

Lots of huge video game news this year at Comic Con, and for me personally, the most exciting, but at the same time the most frightening, news was the teaser poster for the video game tie-in to next year’s Green Lantern m...
by andrewhurst



My First San Diego Comic Con part 3: Cosplay Group A

Welcome back to part 3 of My First San Diego Comic Con. Part 1 was a primer of things to come, and in Part 2 we met X-Men legend, Chris Claremont! Today we take a look at the most unique element of SDCC that almost everybody l...
by Andy


My First San Diego Comic Con part 2: How I Met Chris Claremont

Welcome back to part 2 of our coverage of this year’s San Diego Comic Con! If you missed part 1, click here to give it a read. Now, if you’re a regular, than you are probably aware of my frequent cri...
by Andy


My First San Diego Comic Con part 1: A Primer

Hey Comic Attackers, your editor-in-chief here, reporting on my first ever San Diego Comic Con experience! So how was it? Well, my most prominent thought is, “Holy balls, that was #%&@ing awesome!” I only had a ...
by Andy