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BBW: Knights of Sidonia Pt 2

Posted  October 20, 2014  by  InfiniteSpeech

Welcome back anime fans and ComicAttackers as the Knights of Sidonia coverage continues! If you read the first installment then you know that I happened upon this while browsing Netflix. After taking in a few episodes I found it to be entertaining despite some issues with certain plot developments. So now we’ll get into the […]

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Marvel Snapshot: Character Spotlight: The Overmind

Posted  October 19, 2014  by  Billy

  Hello and welcome to another exciting character spotlight, right here in Marvel Snapshot! Most characters out there are famous because of appearances in one title. The character we’re going to check out today, was a big deal in two different titles, in two different decades! In the 1970′s, Stan Lee and ‘Big’ John Buscema […]

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Ye Olde School Cafe’: The Curse of Dracula – Tpb

Posted  October 18, 2014  by  Billy

  Hey everybody, welcome back to another edition of Ye Olde School Cafe’! This time around I’ll be checking out a comic book that Dark Horse Comics produced back in the late 1990′s, called “The Curse of Dracula.” This story was an homage to the Tomb of Dracula comic from Marvel in the 1970′s, and […]

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Jim Lee Batman Stamp-6 (1)

2014 Limited Edition Forever Batman Stamp Unveiled at NYCC 2014!

Posted  October 18, 2014  by  InfiniteSpeech

This year’s New York Comic Con had the honor of hosting the dedication ceremony honoring Batman’s 75th anniversary with the unveiling of his very own stamp! Jim Lee along with Dan Didio were on hand with stamp sheet designer, Greg Breeding, and USPS CIO Jim Cochrane as a select few were given their first look […]

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Comic Cons

NYCC 2014: Cosplayer Spotlight Pt 5!

Posted  October 16, 2014  by  InfiniteSpeech

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed our NYCC 2014: Cosplayer Spotlight so far and are ready for another look at the creative fans that bring another level of visual spectacle to every show! This year the costumes were just as diverse as the fans that wore them and they showed off the various comic, film, anime, and video game […]

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IDW Exclusives for NYCC 2014!

IDW PUBLISHING ANNOUNCES NYCC 2014 EXCLUSIVES! San Diego, CA (September 29, 2014) – IDW Publishing is coming to New York Comic Con 2014 and bringing this year’s hottest convention exclusives! See below for the must-haves fr...
by InfiniteSpeech


Tales From The Water Cooler #182

Welcome to Tales From the Water Cooler! Join Infinite Speech, Decapitated Dan, The Comic Book Clergyman and the Canadian Webslinger each week as they gather around the water cooler of stories to talk about comics. Listen in thi...
by InfiniteSpeech


Bento Bako Weekly: The Heroic Legend of Arslan volume 1

Title: The Heroic Legend of Arslan Author: Yoshiki Tanaka (original story), Hiromu Arakawa Publisher: Kodansha Comics Volume: Volume 1, $10.99 Vintage: 2013 by Kodansha Ltd., August 2014 by Kodansha Comics Genre: Fantasy The He...
by Kristin



The All-New Uncanny X-Piles #185

Welcome back to another fun-filled edition of the All-New Uncanny X-Piles! Join us each week as Infinite Speech & the Comic Book Clergyman guide you away from the “X-3′s” and steer you towards the “D...
by Jeff


IDW Reviews: Samurai Jack #12

Samurai Jack #12 Publisher: IDW Publishing Writer: Jim Zub Artist(s): Andy Suriano & Ethan Beavers Cover: Andy Suriano The Broken Blade story line continues here, as does Jack’s downward spiral. He is without his s...
by InfiniteSpeech


Dark Horse Previews: Predator: Fire and Stone #1

PREDATOR: FIRE AND STONE #1 Writer: Joshua Williamson Artist: Chris Mooneyham A universe of terror drawn to one world. As the Perses begins her long journey home, a deadly stowaway forces the crew into a savage conflict! While ...
by InfiniteSpeech



Marvel Reviews: New Avengers #24

New Avengers #24 Publisher: Marvel Writer: Jonathan Hickman Artist: Valerio Schiti Cover: Gabriele Dell’otto Much like in Avengers #35, Hickman has rocketed the story eight months into the future. So it has been eigh...
by InfiniteSpeech


Dark Horse Previews: Father’s Day #1

    How to be a good dad. . . . . . Stop killing people!   As a mob enforcer he was called the Eastside Butcher, but twenty years later Silas has found peace. That is, until his abandoned daughter shows up to giv...
by InfiniteSpeech


Gotta Have It!: Venom Watch

“I tried to tell you, but you wouldn’t listen! The suit’s changing…it’s evolved. I’m all tapped out; it can’t use me no more. All this time, I thought it wanted to be with me…but it only ever wanted this WATCH!...
by SpidermanGeek



Top Cow Reviews: Chronicles of Hate Vol 1 HC

Chronicles of Hate Vol 1 HC Publisher: Top Cow Writer: Adrian Smith Artist: Adrian Smith Cover: Adrian Smith I thought I had seen all of the cool artwork available his week until Chronicles of Hate came my way and Adrian Smith...
by InfiniteSpeech


Dark Horse Reviews: Ghost #8

Ghost #8 Publisher: Dark Horse Writer: Chris Sebela Pencils: Jan Duursema Inks: Dan Parsons Colors: Dan Jacksons Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft Cover: Jenny Frison Another issue of Ghost is out, and this time weR...
by Dr. Bustos


Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 09/17/14

All-New X-Factor #14 (Marvel) Arnab: I thought the big reveal at the end would be Scarlet Witch coming out of a psychic mind control trance. NickZ: This was the first “off” issue since this book started. Scarlet Wit...
by Arnab