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Crisis of Infinite Reviews 07/22/15

Grayson #10 Writers: Tim Seeley and Tom King Artists: Mikel Janin and Jeremy Cox Cover Artists: Mikel Janin and Jeremy Cox Publisher: DC Closing in on a year of publishing, this series is easily becoming one my favorite books that DC is publishing. Everything about this book, from the writing to the art, meshes wonderfully together. […]


Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 07/22/15

Aquaman #42 (DC) Arnab: Whatever Arthur did, he better apologize to Mera. #teamMera But honestly though, this whole plot of Arthur is secretly the good guy and Mera just doesn’t realize it yet, is nonsense. Archie vs Predator #4 (Dark Horse) Infinite Speech: I stopped trying to take this seriously and just had complete fun […]

Bento_Bako Bento Bako Weekly

Bento Bako Weekly: Fragments of Horror

Title: Fragments of Horror Author: Junji Ito Publisher: Viz Media Volume: One-shot, $17.99 (HC) Vintage: 2014 by Asahi Shimbun, June 2015 by Viz Media Genre: Horror Eight short stories comprise this collection of horror tales. Demons and ghosts, and old houses and lonely forests. The haunting and the haunted. Terrifying spirits with gruesome hobbies. The […]

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Tales From The Water Cooler #217

Welcome to Tales From the Water Cooler! Join The Comic Book Clergyman, Infinite Speech and SpidermanGeek each week as they gather around the water cooler of stories to talk about comics. Listen in this week as the guys discuss Adult coloring books, Ant-Man Box Office Numbers, the Flash Season 2 and X-Men: Apocalypse costumes. Then […]

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Crisis of Infinite Reviews 07/15/15

Robin: Son of Batman #2 Writer: Patrick Gleason Artists: Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, and John Kalisz Cover Artists: Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, and John Kalisz Publisher: DC Considering the subtitle of this series, it is particularly interesting that Patrick Gleason would center the story around a year in Damian’s life, that Batman was not even a […]



DMP Reviews: Kinokoinu Mushroom Pup volume 1

Title: Kinokoinu Mushroom Pup Author: Kimama Aoboshi Publisher: Digital Manga Publishing Volume: Volume 1, $12.95 Vintage: Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co. in 2011; July 2014 by DMP Genre: Slice of life, drama Hotaru Yuyami has los...
by Kristin


Ink Stains 67: Beyond the Clock 24 and 25

  Butch Guice is doing some incredible work these days. But, if you want to see him in a formative stage, then Beyond the Clock is the place to go! Beyond the Clock 24, 25: 1980 Editors and publisher: J. R. Sams and Rich M...
by kenmeyerjr


Character Spotlight: Robotman

              Doom Patrol! A team of outcasts with superpowers. No, not the X-Men, though both teams came out at around the same time. One of those really strange coincidences in comics. Speak...
by Dr. Bustos



Marvel Reviews: Deathlok #2

Deathlok #2 Publisher: Marvel Writer: Nathan Edmondson Artist: Mike Perkins & Andy Troy Cover: Mike Perkins & Andy Troy The newest Deathlok, Henry Hayes, is on yet another mission for the mysterious “Control̶...
by InfiniteSpeech


Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens Official Teaser Trailer!

After waiting for what seems like an eternity the official teaser trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens has finally arrived! There won’t be much you can tell about the plot from the upcoming film fr...
by InfiniteSpeech


Marvel Reviews: Scarlet Spiders #1

Scarlet Spiders #1 Publisher: Marvel Writer: Mike Costa Artist: Paco Diaz Cover: David Nakayama Spider-Verse is in full effect in this Scarlet Spiders tie-in! This series focuses on Kaine, Jessica Drew, and Ben Reilly, and...
by InfiniteSpeech



Kick Off Your Black Friday With SuperHeroStuff.Com!

It’s time to start stocking up on great gifts for that super hero fan in your life and you can start with Black Weekend savings at! On Black Friday there will be thousands of items marked down 20-30% al...
by InfiniteSpeech


Image Reviews: Wayward #4

Wayward #4 Publisher: Image Writer: Jim Zub Artist: Steve Cummings, Josh Perez, & Tamra Bonvillain Cover: Steve Cummings & Ross Campbell Rori finally takes her place as the very reluctant leader of the supernatural gr...
by InfiniteSpeech


Gotta Have It! Doctor Who Tardis Polo

Have you ever been on the 18th green, confronted with an impossible shot? At that moment, have you ever wanted to whip out your sonic screwdriver to make the shot? No? Me neither. But if you like to play golf or just like to be...
by Jeff



Marvel Reviews: Guardians of the Galaxy #21

Guardians of the Galaxy #21 Publisher: Marvel Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Artist: Valerio Schiti & Jason Keith Cover: Valerio Schiti & Justin Ponsor A long time ago, during Secret Wars, Spider-Man found an alien symbi...
by InfiniteSpeech


Marvel Gives A Deeper Look Into Battleworld!

Last week Marvel released the Battleworld trailer for the Secret Wars event that will be upon us next year! This came after a slew of teasers, and now it seems to be all coming together as we get a detailed look at where the...
by InfiniteSpeech

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Crisis of Infinite Reviews 11/19/14

Batman and Robin #36 Writer: Peter Tomasi Artists: Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, and John Kalisz Cover Artists: Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, and John Kalisz Publisher: DC Comics As they close in on Damian’s body, Team Robin and...
by Arnab