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Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 10/19/16

Adventure Time Comics #4 (Boom!) NickZ: Some really fun stories in this issue and one is even by Jim Zub! A-Force #10 (Marvel) Infinite Speech: This is a series I’m going to miss because it’s been fantastic since issue 1! The last page of this one really kicks you in the feels too. Amazing Spider-Man […]

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Cosplayer Spotlight NYCC 2016: Overwatch Takeover!

Gaming has always been a pretty big well to draw from for cosplayers.  However, this year players got a bit of a gift thanks to the developers at Blizzard.  In May 2016 Overwatch released to gamers all over the world and became an instant success with gamers.  For cosplayers it created a bit of a […]


Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 10/12/16

Action Comics #965 (DC) Martin: 4/5 stars. It’s nice to have an issue that doesn’t focus on Superman just punching things. Lois Lane focus is welcome. NickZ: Things are getting super complicated with multiple Supermen, Lois Lanes, and Clark Kents running around. Adventure Time #57 (Boom!) NickZ: A really fun ending to another mathematical adventure! […]

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Tales From The Water Cooler #260

Welcome to Tales From the Water Cooler! Join The Comic Book Clergyman, Infinite Speech and SpidermanGeek each week as they gather around the water cooler of stories to talk about comics. Listen in this week as the guys talk about New York Comic Con 2016, as well as Marvel’s Luke Cage viewing impressions. Then they […]

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Cosplayer Spotlight NYCC 2016: Supergirl’s Not Black!: On Being Black, Queer and Cosplaying

  Everybody is talking about wanting the D, that’s Diversity, in their comics. Its one thing to argue over a post online about a characters gender expression, orientation, or even race. The issues becomes a whole lot more personal when there are people face to face in cosplay and they are getting harassed for presenting […]



Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 02/19/14

47 Ronin HC (Dark Horse) Infinite Speech: Richardson and Sakai tell this classic story in superb fashion and it should be part of your collection without a doubt! Amazing X-Men #4 (Marvel) Jeff: Had to bite my lip to hold back ...
by Arnab


Boom! Studios Reviews: Loki: Ragnarok and Roll #1

Loki: Ragnarok & Roll #1 Publisher: Boom! Studios Story: Eric M. Esquivel Pencils: Jerry Gaylord Inks: Jerry Gaylord Colors: Gabriel Cassata Letters: Ryan Ferrier This has been a fun week in comics for me, and it’s actual...
by Martin Thomas


Eastman & Laird Return for TMNT 30th Anniversary!

Eastman and Laird Return To TMNT! Original Creators Team Up To Create 30th Anniversary Special Issue San Diego, CA (February 24, 2013) – The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are celebrating a milestone 30th anniversary this year...
by InfiniteSpeech



Reed Pop Announces a “Pure Celebration of Comic Book Culture” in NYCC Special Edition!

LIMITED, EXCLUSIVE AND JUST FOR YOU…  REEDPOP ANNOUNCES INAUGURAL COMIC BOOK EVENT – SPECIAL EDITION: NYC  New festival connects fans and creators in birthplace of comics on June 14-15 – Kyle Higgins, Ryan Stegman, Tim ...
by InfiniteSpeech


Bento Bako Weekly: Midnight Secretary vol. 2

Title: Midnight Secretary Author: Tomu Ohmi Publisher: Viz Media (Shojo Beat) Volume: Volume 2 (of 7), $9.99 Vintage: 2007 by Shogakukan, November 2013 by Viz Media Genre: Supernatural romance [Volume 1 review.] And we’re...
by Kristin


All-New Uncanny X-Piles #155

Welcome ComicAttackers and X-fans to this week’s edition of The All-New Uncanny X-Piles! We proudly present to you a handful of this site’s merriest, but least mentally stable reviewers who have kindly dropped by once again...
by SpidermanGeek


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Character Spotlight: Wally West Pt. 2

Welcome back for more about the life and times of Wally West, the third man to take on the title, the fastest man alive! [Part 1 can be found here!] Wally West is The Flash I grew up with and his adventures will always hold a s...
by Dr. Bustos


Deep Discussions with Decapitated Dan: Garth Ennis

I recently had a chance to talk to Garth Ennis about his upcoming series Caliban. Check it out:  The word is out, Preacher and Crossed creator, Garth Ennis, has a brand new sci-fi horror comic coming out from Avatar in April....
by DecapitatedDan


Tales From the Water Cooler #151

Welcome to Tales From the Water Cooler! Join Infinite Speech, Decapitated Dan, The Comic Book Clergyman and the Canadian Websliger each week as they gather around the water cooler of stories to talk about comics. Listen in this...
by DecapitatedDan



Dark Horse Comics Review: The White Suits #1

The White Suits #1 Writer: Frank Barbiere Artist: Toby Cypress Publisher: Dark Horse Dark Horse has been on a tear recently, delivering a slew of books both well crafted and memorable. Their newest release from creator Frank Ba...
by Jeff Lake


Image Reviews: Spawn #240

Spawn #240 Publisher: Image Writer: Todd McFarlane Artist: Szymon Kudranski Cover: Szymon Kudranski & Todd McFarlane This has been one rollercoaster of a series since the apparent death of Al Simmons and the emergence of J...
by InfiniteSpeech


Official ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Movie Trailer!

  The official trailer for Marvel’s newest sci-fi cinematic epic Guardians of the Galaxy is here! Starring Chris Pratt (Peter Quill), Zoe Saldana (Gamora), Vin Diesel (Groot), Bradley Cooper (Rocket), and Dave Buti...
by InfiniteSpeech