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nycc_003_valiant-x-bat-in-the-sun-top-secret Infinite Speech

First Look At Live Action Ninjak!

By now you’ve heard the news that Valiant has teamed with Bat in the Sun to bring fans the first live action Ninjak series! Well leave it to Valiant to drop a huge teaser the week before we get more at New York Comic Con! We get our first look at Michael Rowe as Ninjak […]

CHIRPBANNER1 AfterShock Comics

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 09/21/16

Aliens: Life and Death #1 (Dark Horse) Infinite Speech: Too bad there aren’t films of the Life and Death series. Amazing Spider-Man #18 (Marvel) Infinite Speech: Took long enough to deliver a good issue. Shades of Superior Spider-Man and Spiderverse helped as well. Aquaman #7 (DC) Arnab: I am really loving the way this arc […]

batman-telltale-episode-2 Batman

The Comics Console: Batman: Episode Two – Children of Arkham

Batman: Episode Two – Children of Arkham Developer: Telltale Games Publisher: Telltale Games Release Date: September 20, 2016 Platforms: Mac, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, iOS and Android ESRB: Mature Telltale really seemed to listen to the critics of episode one. Episode 2 delivers delivers the action, ramps up the tension, gives us […]

img_20160717_134713-1 Columns

Stay Tooned Sundays: ‘Star Wars: Rebels – Steps In Shadows’ Pts 1&2

You would have thought that gut wrenching cliffhanger at the end of season two would be enough to get Star Wars: Rebels fans reason enough to come back. But with the announcement that this season would provide us with fan favorite, Grand Admiral Thrawn well that’s just the icing on the cake! If you’re not […]

CHIRPBANNER1 AfterShock Comics

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 09/14/16

A-Force #9 (Marvel) Infinite Speech: Thompson has kept this title from suffering the tie-in curse so stick with A-Force! Action Comics #963 (DC) NickZ: The mystery of the “new” Clark Kent begins to unravel. Adventure Time #56 (Boom!) NickZ: More clever story telling by Hastings and McGinty. Poor NEPTR. All-New Inhumans #11 (Marvel) NickZ: A […]



Black Jack Press Reviews: Tall Tales from the Badlands #3

Tall Tales from the Badlands #3 Publisher: Black Jack Press Story: Mark Wheaton, Sean Fahey, Robert Napton, Matt Dembicki Pencils: Jerry DeCaire, John Fortune, Franco Cespedes, Ezequiel Rosingana, Ruben Rojas Inks: Jerry DeCair...
by Martin Thomas


Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 02/05/14

Action Comics #28 (DC) Martin: Pak delivers a cool almost Silver Age style story (in a good way) & Aaron Kuder gives us an iconic Superman cover. Adventure Time The Flip Side #2 (Boom!) NickZ: The insanity continues as thin...
by Arnab


BOOM! Studios Sets Release Date for ‘Day Men’ #3 and Retailer Promotion!

BOOM! STUDIOS ANNOUNCES ‘DAY MEN’ 3 RELEASE DATE AND RETAILER PROMOTION! February 10,  2014 (Los Angeles, CA) BOOM! Studios is pleased to announce a special retailer promotion tied to the March 5th release of DAY M...
by InfiniteSpeech


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Crisis of Infinite Reviews 02/05/2014

Batman: Detective Comics #28 Writer: John Layman Artists: Aaron  Lopresti, Art Thibert, and Blond Cover Artists: Jason Fabok and Tomeu Morey Publisher: DC When it comes to mind control you can almost always expect Scarecro...
by Arnab


Aspen Reviews: All New Executive Assistant: Iris (Vol 4) #3

All New Executive Assistant: Iris (Vol 4) #3 Publisher: Aspen Writer: Brian Buccelatto Artist: Pasquale  Qualano Cover: Pasquale Qualano & John Starr Iris has dealt with plenty of dangerous circumstances in her world, th...
by InfiniteSpeech

Well the comic looks cool!

Movie Mondays: I, Frankenstein

Title: I, Frankenstein Director: Stuart Beattie Writer: Stuart Beattie (based on I, Frankenstein by Kevin Grevioux) Distributed By: Lionsgate Starring: Aaron Eckhart, Bill Nighy, Yvonne Strahovski, Miranda Otto, Socratis Otto, ...
by Aaron



Indie Reviews: Pawn Shop

Pawn Shop Writer: Joey Esposito Artist: Sean Von Gorman Publisher: Soup Dad Comics Life is about moments. Every interaction, a smile on the bus, an extra second holding an open door, ripples outward, altering a given course in ...
by Jeff Lake


Bento Bako Weekly: Nisekoi: False Love Vol.1

Nisekoi: False Love Vol.1 Publisher: Viz Media (Shonen Jump line) Story and Art: Naoshi Komi With the Nisekoi anime now simulcasting, there is no better time to check out the original manga by Naoshi Komi than right now, with v...
by Drew


Comics Are My Religion: Why Kamala Khan Is Important

Welcome back to Comics Are My Religion! I took another long hiatus to get my bearings and create a backlog of ideas for upcoming columns, but now I’m back! And just in time, too, as something that I think is very important in...
by Jeff


Wally West Flash1

Character Spotlight: Wally West

                            It’s February and it’s a blessed time of year for it’s when I was born. Since we talked about Captain Cold last...
by Dr. Bustos


The All-New Uncanny X-Piles 153

What’s big, brown, and sticky? What? That’s disgusting. I was talking about GROOT, you freak, who rears his treelike head into this week’s All-New Uncanny X-Piles. The beginning of one crossover, the end of an...
by Jeff


Tales From the Water Cooler #149

Welcome to Tales From the Water Cooler! Join Infinite Speech, Decapitated Dan, The Comic Book Clergyman and the Canadian Websliger each week as they gather around the water cooler of stories to talk about comics. Listen in this...
by DecapitatedDan