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Bento Bako Weekly: Terra Formars volume 1

Posted  July 28, 2014  by  Kristin

Title: Terra Formars Author: Yu Sasuga (story), Ken-ichi Tachibana (art) Publisher: Viz Media (Viz Signature) Volume: Volume 1, $12.99 Vintage: 2011 by Shueisha, July 2014 by Viz Media Genre: Science fiction, horror Originally I sat down to read and review volume one of Food Wars this week, but I couldn’t even get through the first chapter. […]

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Stay Tooned Sundays: Phineas & Ferb: Star Wars

Posted  July 27, 2014  by  InfiniteSpeech

Title: Phineas & Ferb: Star Wars Director: Robert F. Hughes & Sue Perroto Writer: Dani Vetere, Jim Bernstein, Martin Olsen, & Scott Peterson Release Date: July 27, 2014 Length: 60 mins. After their mash up with some of the Marvel super heroes last year it was only a matter of time before Phineas and Ferb ended up […]

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Red Tornado Abigail_Hunkel_(New_Earth)_003
Character Spotlight

Character Spotlight: Ma Hunkel, the Red Tornado

Posted  July 27, 2014  by  Dr. Bustos

                            This month has become Red Tornado month. We talked about the robot with a soul last time, but now we get to the original Red Tornado, Ma Hunkel! The golden age heroine who is one of the first female superheroes. So […]

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All-New Uncanny X-Piles #177

Posted  July 26, 2014  by  Jeff

So many X-Men books, so little time! We have ourselves a tall pile this week. Check out and see what’s resident X-perts thought of this week’s books. Don’t forget to add your thoughts in the comments below! Savage Wolverine #21 Writer: John Arcudi Artist: Joe Quinones Some of the best Wolverine stories are the […]

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Dark Horse

2014 Eisner Award Winners!

Posted  July 26, 2014  by  InfiniteSpeech

                    On July 25th, San Diego Comic Con once again hosted the ceremony for the 26th Annual Eisner Awards! Some of the most talented creators and storytellers in the industry attended and the winners are…   Best Short Story “Untitled,” by Gilbert Hernandez, in Love and […]

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Bento Bako Lite: Slam Dunk volume 23

Title: Slam Dunk Author: Takehiko Inoue Publisher: Viz Media (Shonen Jump) Volume: Volume 23 (of 31), $9.99 Vintage: 1995 by Shueisha, August 2012 by Viz Media Genre: Sports, comedy [Volume 22 review.] After beating Ryonan back...
by Kristin


Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 7/25/12

Amazing Spider-Man #690 (Marvel) Infinite Speech: Hopefully we learned that you need to remember which arm you’re supposed to cut off when trying to fool everyone. Sheesh! Jeff: The Lizard turning people into lizards is s...
by Arnab


Contest of Champions Live Episode #40: Iron Fist vs. Wonder Man

Welcome to Season 2 of the internet’s only superhero fight podcast, Contest of Champions Live! Each week, your hosts the Clobberin’ Comic Book Clergyman and the Canadian Capekiller referee between a group of comp...
by Jeff



Touring the Cosmos: Studio 407′s Fictionauts GN

Nothing better than a good old pulpy sci-fi romp. Studio 407, with creative team Mauro Mantella on writing duties and Leandro Rizzo drawing, have released the Fictionauts GN on July 25. Starring a team of classic archetypes, th...
by mike


Crisis of Infinite Reviews 7/25/12

Aquaman #11 Writer: Geoff Johns Artists: Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Andy Lanning, Jonathan Glapion, and Rod Reis Cover Artists: Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, and Rod Reis Publisher: DC Everything that this series has been leading up to is c...
by Arnab


Movie Mondays: Hays and Wertham’s Conundrum

Usually it’s not in my territory to write an essay, especially if it’s anywhere remotely in the political or ideological spectrum. Storytelling is my heart and soul, especially when it comes to comic books and films...
by AHudson



Bento Bako Weekly: Sakuran

Title: Sakuran: Blossoms Wild Author: Moyoco Anno Publisher: Vertical Inc. Volume: One-shot, $16.95 Vintage: 2003 by Kodansha, Ltd., July 2012 by Vertical Genre: Period drama Kiyoha is a high ranking courtesan in the Edo-era pl...
by Kristin


Character Spotlight: Stephanie Brown

I was recently asked, “Who the hell is Stephanie Brown?” Well, let’s find out. The daughter of the Cluemaster, a Riddler knock-off supervillain, Stephanie got her vigilante career started as an act of rebellio...
by Dr. Bustos


International Hero: Atacan las Brujas!

If you travel to Mexico, just like in the United States, you’ll find a lot of superheroes. Superman. Spider-Man. Godzilla. However, for all the heroes Mexicans know and love, there is a homegrown one that is incredibly fa...
by Drew



Tales from the Water Cooler: Episode #75

Welcome to Tales From the Water Cooler! Join Infinite Speech, Decapitated Dan, and the Southern Sensation each week as they gather around the water cooler of stories to talk about comics. This week the Southern Sensation is bac...
by DecapitatedDan


Ye Olde School Café: Avengers: The Korvac Saga pt 5

Hello and welcome to another week in the hallowed halls of comic book history. You know, if you take a long look at Marvel’s Bronze Age, you’d be hard pressed to find another era where it started out being absolutel...
by Billy


IDW Reviews: Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow #15

Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow #15 Publisher: IDW Writer: Chuck Dixon Artists: Robert Atkins & Atilio Rojo Cover: Andrea Di Vito Dixon is weaving a tale layered in mistrust, deceit, and subterfuge, so it’s only fitting...
by InfiniteSpeech