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The All-New Uncanny X-Piles #164

Posted  April 24, 2014  by  SpidermanGeek

Welcome back ComicAttackers and X-fans to this week’s edition of The All-New Uncanny X-Piles where a handful of our merriest mutant loving reviewers have dropped by once again to regale you with their thoughts on that one X-Title that has impacted them the most, be it good or bad, from last week’s releases. Infinite Speech […]

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Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 04/16/14

Posted  April 22, 2014  by  Arnab

Amazing X-Men #6 (Marvel) Infinite Speech: The Nightcrawler family reunion continues and totally ruins a good party. Jeff: Why does everyone show up to Kurt’s welcome back party in costume? NickZ: It was so great to see ALL the X-Men together for a good occasion. Am I the only one dying for an Excalibur reunion? […]

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Crisis of Infinite Reviews 04/16/14

Posted  April 22, 2014  by  Arnab

Batman #30 Writer: Scott Snyder Artists: Greg Capullo, Danny Miki, and FCO Plascencia Cover Artists: Greg Capullo, Danny Miki, and FCO Plascencia Publisher: DC Comics This issue marks the first chapter to the final phase of Zero Year, the name being finally explained in this issue. Scott Snyder has done an amazing job with this yearlong story. […]

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Bento Bako Weekly

Bento Bako Weekly: Black Bird volumes 16-17

Posted  April 21, 2014  by  Kristin

Title: Black Bird Author: Kanoko Sakurakouji Publisher: Viz Media (Shojo Beat) Volume: Volumes 16-17 (of 18), $9.99 Vintage: 2012 by Shogakukan, May and October 2013 by Viz Media Genre: Romance, drama, supernatural [Editor's note: These two volumes discuss: abortion, miscarriages, pregnancy in general, and suicide.] Now that Misao’s pregnant, Kyo rushes to discover what her […]

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Character Spotlight: The Ventriloquist & Scarface

Posted  April 20, 2014  by  Dr. Bustos

If you were to ask me who is the creepiest member of Batman’s rogues gallery, I have one answer that comes to mind: The Ventriloquist and Scarface. A meek man with a ventriloquist dummy is already enough to creep out some people, but that isn’t what bothers me. This is a criminal duo that should […]

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Dallas Comic-Con 2012: Q&As

Hello, and welcome back to my coverage of the 2012 Dallas Comic-Con! On Monday I did a run down of the overall con experience, and posted a bunch of pictures from around the convention floor. Today I’m going to share with...
by Kristin

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Read Comics Online: Easy, Fast and often Free

Americans have always been obsessed with speed. We just can’t seem to do anything fast enough, because we’re constantly coming up with ways to make our machines, vehicles, and computers faster. Even right now, as you read t...
by Kevin


BOOM! Studios Reviews: Valen The Outcast #6

Valen The Outcast #6 Publisher: BOOM! Studios Writer: Michael Alan Nelson Artist: Matteo Scalera (cover by Khary Randolph) Colorist: Archie Van Buren In this issue, we find out some back story on Zjanna. She’s been the mo...
by Billy



Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 05/23/12

All-Star Western #9 (DC) Andy: The most forced tie-in ever. Would have stood fine on its own, but with the Night of the Owls banner, this scores a C-. Amazing Spider-Man #686 (Marvel) Decapitated Dan: I think I might have to mo...
by Arnab


Contest of Champions Live Episode #32: Emma Frost & Invisible Woman vs. Iron Fist

Welcome to Season 2 of the internet’s only superhero fight podcast, Contest of Champions Live! Each week, your hosts the Clobberin’ Comic Book Clergyman and the Canadian Capekiller referee between a group of comp...
by Jeff


Crisis of Infinite Reviews 05/23/12

Aquaman #9 Writer: Geoff Johns Artists: Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Oclair Albert, and Rod Reis Cover Artists: Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, and Rod Reis Publisher: DC The thing about this series is that it is remarkably fun to read. That...
by Arnab



Titan Books Review: Spandex: Fast and Hard

Spandex: Fast and Hard Publisher: Titan Books Writer: Martin Eden Artist: Martin Eden Colorist: Martin Eden Brighton, South England is the the gay capital of the UK, as this book points out at the very beginning. Spandex is abo...
by Dr. Bustos


Movie Mondays: Men in Black III

Title: Men in Black III Director: Barry Sonnerfeld Writer: Etan Cohen (created by Lowell Cunningham) Distributed By: Columbia Pictures Starring: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, Jermaine Clement, Emma Thompson Release ...
by AHudson


Dallas Comic-Con 2012 part 1: The Con

Greetings, comic lovers! This May 19-20 I attended the Dallas Comic Con at the Irving Convention Center in Las Colinas. It was a lot of fun, but there were certainly problems. About the best compliment I can give the convention...
by Kristin



Shonen Jump Alpha Review: Rurouni Kenshin Restoration

Rurouni Kenshin Restoration Publisher: Viz Media (in Shonen Jump Alpha) Story and Art: Nobuhiro Watsuki In this previous week’s Shonen Jump Alpha, Rurouni Kenshin Restoration, the reboot of the Rurouni Kenshin manga, roll...
by Drew


‘Men In Black 3′ steals top box-office spot from ‘The Avengers’

But fear not; this is far from the dying throes of the Marvel Masterpeice. Disney estimates that ‘The Avengers’ will take in $47.1 million for the four day weekend, while Sony estimates that ‘MIB3′ will ...
by Boyblunder


Tales from the Water Cooler: Episode #66

Welcome to Tales From the Water Cooler! Join Infinite Speech, Decapitated Dan, and the Southern Sensation each week as they gather around the water cooler of stories to talk about comics. Listen in as this week as the guys are ...
by DecapitatedDan