Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Premiere

This past weekend was the big 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. A series that spans TV, books, radio plays, comic books, video games, and pretty much every form of media out there. I was lucky enough to get invited to the premier...
by Dr. Bustos


Bent-Con 2013

Another weekend and another convention! This time around it was Bent-Con, a smaller con but one that was still a lot of fun. The convention focuses on being a welcoming place for the LGBT fans, and has plenty of vendors and thi...
by Dr. Bustos

iO Theater 5-12 002

Comic Book Live & Doctor Who Live!

Off Hollywood Blvd there sits the iO Theater that houses improv shows; several of which might intrigue the Comic Attack audience, or any fan of comics, sci-fi, gaming, and other fan-related works. When you walk in you see they ...
by Dr. Bustos


They were rather passionate in their singing.

Cosplay Karaoke! (3-31-12)

This last Saturday of March, in Los Angeles, off Sunset Blvd., in a lovely comic shop, there was a meeting of superheroes, villains, magical people, and everyday citizens to unite under one banner, one of karaoke. Meltdown Comi...
by Dr. Bustos

Harley Joker Batwoman

My Time at DragonCon 2011: The Photos

So, we come now to the end of my trip to Dragon*Con 2011. I hope you enjoyed reading about it, and checking out all the stuff I had to share. After writing about my trip and sharing videos and so on, I’d like to leave you...
by Aaron

The nicest guy

Dragon Con 2011: Sam Huntington: A Casual Conversation

Conversation Conducted by Aaron Nicewonger Sam Huntington is the nicest, most down to earth, unassuming guy you’d ever meet. He’s a regular Joe that understands the fans and generally just, well, gets it. You know?  Here...
by Aaron


Sitting in on the Panel

My Time at Dragon Con 2011 (Part 2)

So, these next two days were a blast! I mean they were absolutely incredible! So, without further adieu, let’s get right into it, shall we?! So, the day starts off with a bang! Stan “The Man” Lee is here! And ...
by Aaron

"Bounty Hunters," print

Randy Martinez & Denise Vasquez present “Art From A Galaxy Far Far Away” exhibit in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, CA – Saturday night, August 20th, artists Randy Martinez and Denise Vasquez showcased their latest Star Wars artwork at the Hold Up Art gallery, in an event titled “Art From a Galaxy Far Far Away.”...
by Andy


Recap: ComicAttack.net’s “Bringing Comics to Screen Panel” at the 2011 ITVFest

HOLLYWOOD, CA- In modern Hollywood, it seems like nearly every new movie is an adaptation of a comic book, if not a remake or continuation of a popular franchise. Professional and aspiring writers are faced with the reality tha...
by Alex


Yoshinaga's published works in America.

Manga Moveable Feast: Fumi Yoshinaga August 2011

Welcome manga fans! This is the anchor page for the Fumi Yoshinaga August 2011 Manga Moveable Feast. All links from around the web throughout the week will be gathered right here! So please check back for updates throughout the...
by Kristin


Lost Chapter from The Ring of Solomon Revealed!

Hey everybody, I’ve just been informed that tomorrow (Thursday, August 4th) a lost chapter from The Ring of Solomon (chapter 4 in the Bartimaeus books) will be unveiled on the Facebook page of writer Jonathan Stroud! Clic...
by Billy


MyTeeSpot.com is the Place for Custom Tee’s!

MyTeeSpot.com is the place to design your own t-shirt! When I was researching various sites to produce some demo ComicAttack.net shirts, MyTeeSpot.com fit the bill better than anyone else. The price is right, the shipping cheap...
by Andy