Dallas Fan Days October 2015: The Con

Over October 16-18, 2015, the Irving Convention Center was once again host to Dallas Comic Con Fan Days. Though the stars were smaller than usual, the event was no less star-studded with celebrities like Xena‘s own Lucy ...
by Kristin


NYCC 2015 Cosplayer Spotlight Pt 2!

Welcome back to another round of the NYCC 2015 edition of the Cosplayer Spotlight! This time we’ve got some Bombshells, 90’s X-Men, a little steampunk and more below and if you haven’t already, check out par...
by InfiniteSpeech


NYCC 2015 Cosplayer Spotlight Pt 1!

As it’s been for quite some time, the cosplayers were on fire yet again for another New York Comic Con! The costumes were just as great as years before and even a few surprises were seen walking across the con floor. Whe...
by InfiniteSpeech



Comics Are My Religion: The Tithe

Welcome to Comics Are My Religion, a look at theology through the lens of comic books. There are some basic ground rules about engaging in respectful dialogue about religion in this column. If you are a church-going Christian, ...
by Jeff

Avenger BOFG

Marvel Reviews: The Avengers: Black Ops Field Guide

ack in the olden days when Thundercats weren’t anime and it was still cool to say “I wanna be like Bill Cosby when I grow up” I was a child and as such my birthday warranted presents. One of the BEST presents my parent ev...
by Cameron Crump


San Diego Comic Con 2015!

San Diego Comic Con has come and gone for another year. Plenty of people came, some in costume, some for work, and all to be a part of the chaos of the con. I was able to be there and get some pictures of some amazing people an...
by Dr. Bustos



Movie Multiverse: Reimagination Oversaturation

 Reimagination Oversaturation We all know that the film industry (of every country, not just America) works in cycles and trends. Whatever makes money will become the new trend. And the newest trend is undoubtedly a rehash of ...
by Aaron


The 2015 Eisner Awards Winners!

Once again it’s time for the Eisner Awards and to celebrate some of the best talent in the industry. Here is the complete list of the winners who announced last night at the ceremony with the winners bolded in each categ...
by InfiniteSpeech


Ink Stains 72: The Collector 24

  The world has demanded more coverage of The Collector! Ok, just me, here is issue 24! The Collector 24: August, 1971 Editor and Publisher: Bill G. Wilson Howdy everyone, welcome to another installment of Ink Stains, wher...
by kenmeyerjr


From Friendly Ghosts to Gamma Rays

FFGtGR: Saved By The Bell!

From Friendly Ghosts To Gamma Rays, No. 185 Howdy ya’ll, and welcome back to our all-ages comics column, From Friendly Ghosts To Gamma Rays! Between all the 90s references thrown at me on TV this week in Lucas Bros. Movin...
by Drew


WonderCon Anaheim 2015

WonderCon Anaheim was how April began and it was a heck of a start to the month. Fans from all over came together next door to Disneyland to rival the Happiest Place on Earth for the title. There were artists, writers, and all ...
by Dr. Bustos


ComiXology Reviews: The Dead

The Dead Writer: James Maddox Artist: Jen Hickman Cover Colors: Jen Hickman Publisher: ComiXology Despite the first few pages and a rather misleading cover, it is NOT a zombie comic. For those of you burnt out on the over-satur...
by Aaron