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ComicAttack.net’s Best of 2015 Fan Poll Results!

The fans have voted and the top five in each category are all in for the Best of 2015 Fan Poll! It was an intense voting process only made better by the fan participation and sheer number of nominees submitted for this year...
by InfiniteSpeech


Off the Shelf: The Avengers Vault

Title: The Avengers Vault Author: Peter A. David Cover Artist: n/a Publisher: Thunder Bay Press This spring sees the release of one of the biggest and most anticipated movies of the year, Avengers: Age of Ultron. The first movi...
by Martin Thomas


Off The Shelf: Marvelous Mythology: How The World’s Greatest Heroes Were Created

Marvelous Mythology: How The World’s Greatest Superheroes Were Created Writer: Todd Frye Publisher: Todd Frye How geek are you? It’s a real and important question in this day and age of wiki pages and network television...
by Cameron Crump



Blake Northcott’s ‘Arena Mode Saga’ Comes To An End In ‘Final Empire’!

  The Arena Mode Saga is drawing to a conclusion with ‘Final Empire’, the third and final book of the bestselling sci-fi/superhero series by Canadian author Blake Northcott. The 300+ page novel will be available on Kic...
by InfiniteSpeech


Off The Shelf: Dragons From Enceladus

Title: Dragons From Enceladus Author: Enrique Carrion Cover Artist: Rafael Diaz Publisher: Acuzio LLC. Would you lose yourself to save the one you love? A man’s desire for love will have him cross the farthest reaches of ...
by InfiniteSpeech


Marvel, Image, & DC Artists contribute to Assault or Attrition!

Follow-Up to Kickstarter’s Most-Funded Fiction Book of 2013 Bolstered by Marvel, DC and Image Artists TORONTO / October 18, 2013 / Canadian author Blake Northcott launched her  second Kickstarter campaign for the novel Assau...
by InfiniteSpeech


Seduction of the Innocent

Off the Shelf: Seduction of the Innocent

Title: Seduction of the Innocent Author: Max Allan Collins Cover Artist: Glen Orbik Interior Artist: Terry Beatty Publisher: Hard Case Crime Any comic book fan with a basic understanding of the industry’s history wil...
by AHudson


Off the Shelf: Enemies & Allies

Title: Enemies & Allies Writer: Kevin J. Anderson Cover Artist: Alex Ross Publisher: It Books, imprint of Harper Collins With decades of countless new elements, story lines, and of course the New 52, it seems that DC Comic...
by AHudson


Off the Shelf: “Dune: The Butlerian Jihad” by Kevin J. Anderson & Brian Herbert

Back in 1992, the original Dune novel was my personal gateway into adult science fiction. First published in 1965, I was about eight-years-old when I read it cover to cover, and while most of the philosophical stuff went over m...
by Andy


Wayne of Gotham

Off the Shelf: Wayne of Gotham

Title: Wayne of Gotham Publisher: It Books, imprint of Harper Collins Author: Tracy Hickman Cover Design: Milan Bozic Cover Illustration: Ryan Sook !t Books, an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers, was nice enough to send me a...
by Dr. Bustos

Target Lancer

Off the Shelf: Target Lancer

Title: Target Lancer Author: Max Allan Collins Publisher: Doherty, Tom Associates, LLC Though there have been countless major events during 20th century America, few come even close to being as sudden or as shocking as the ass...
by AHudson

The Cocktail Waitress

Off the Shelf: The Cocktail Waitress

Title: The Cocktail Waitress Author: James M. Cain Illustrator: Michael Koelsch Publisher: Hard Case Crime Hard Case Crimes has a knack for finding long lost novels from esteemed crime writers long since gone, and The Cocktail ...
by AHudson