Gotta Have It!: PR: Bluefin Announces New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Figures!

Get ready TMNT fans because you’ll need to make some more shelf space for these upcoming figures of your favorite heroes in a half shell based on the cartoon from the late 80s! Bluefin, the leading North American distribu...
by InfiniteSpeech


Gotta Have It!: Hot Toys Black Panther Figure , Locke & Key Mini-Bust, and More!

He’s got a new series by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Brian Stelfreeze flying off the shelves. His first live action appearance coming up in Captain America: Civil War and now the King of Wakanda, Black Panther, gets his own pr...
by InfiniteSpeech


SuperHeroStuff.com Gets You Ready For ‘Captain America: Civil War’ With New Shirts and More!

Captain America: Civil War is right around the corner and SuperHeroStuff.com has what you need to look great when you show up on opening night! Whether you’re Team Cap or Team Iron Man you’ll           ...
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Gotta Have It!: Venom Symbol Pullover Hoodie

With fall upon us, what better time than now to find yourself a new favorite comfy hoodie to keep you toasty on those chilly evening walks? Of course, you’ll want to ensure that you find something stylish that expresses your...
by SpidermanGeek


Gotta Have It!: Valiant’s BLOODSHOT LIMITED EDITON STATUE by David Aja

It seems as if every week Valiant is kicking some butt and taking names later! Well here they are to do  it again with a little something for you collectors of finely crafted statues! Valiant Entertainment and Quarantine Stu...
by InfiniteSpeech


Gotta Have It!: Wonder Woman Hero Box from SuperHeroStuff.com

SuperHeroStuff.com has launched a really cool version of the geek mystery box, similar to Loot Crate, Infinity Crate, Hero Crate, etc. The all important difference is (aside from not being a subscribed service) that you can pic...
by Kristin


Model: Michelle

Gotta Have It!: Doctor Who Edition

Winter logged Whovians rejoice! Spring is coming and SuperHeroStuff.com’s got all the shaggy swag tickle your tardis. In today’s Gotta Have It we’re reviewing BBC’s Doctor Who gear and you don’t have to be a hardcore ...
by Cameron Crump


Gotta Have It!: Spider-Man #100 Wallet and Tin

Feeling embarrassed lately when pulling your old, cracked and beat up wallet out from your pocket in front of that cute cashier? Well it might just be time for you to replace your money holder with something that’s sure to be...
by SpidermanGeek


Gotta Have It! Doctor Who Tardis Polo

Have you ever been on the 18th green, confronted with an impossible shot? At that moment, have you ever wanted to whip out your sonic screwdriver to make the shot? No? Me neither. But if you like to play golf or just like to be...
by Jeff



Gotta Have It! I Am Rocket Raccoon Hoodie

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie came out of nowhere to become the biggest movie of 2014, and introduced the general non-comics reading public to a variety of new characters. One of the most popular characters introduc...
by Martin Thomas

Cap Winter Soldier Shirt Gotta Have It header

Gotta Have It! Captain America Winter Soldier T-Shirt

Captain America: The Winter Soldier was one of the biggest movies of the year. It was only a matter of time before we’d get some sweet, sweet wearable merchandise. SuperHeroStuff has just the thing. How does this shirt ma...
by Dr. Bustos


Gotta Have It!: Venom Watch

“I tried to tell you, but you wouldn’t listen! The suit’s changing…it’s evolved. I’m all tapped out; it can’t use me no more. All this time, I thought it wanted to be with me…but it only ever wanted this WATCH!...
by SpidermanGeek