Gotta Have It!: Venom Watch

“I tried to tell you, but you wouldn’t listen! The suit’s changing…it’s evolved. I’m all tapped out; it can’t use me no more. All this time, I thought it wanted to be with me…but it only ever wanted this WATCH!...
by SpidermanGeek


Gotta Have It! Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

Forget the lightsabers, toss out the magic wands, get rid of the bow and arrows, repulsor rays, and vibranium shields. You don’t need any infinity gems to guard the galaxy. All you need is the Eleventh Doctor’s 10...
by Jeff


GHI: Twindom Printed Figures

You may have seen them at a local convention. A booth set up to take a 3D scan of cosplayers, to be later printed out as a detailed figurine. One of these companies, Twindom, makes the rounds in California and Texas, and was pr...
by Kristin



Gotta Have It! Wonder Woman Shoulder Glance and Stars Web Belt

Superman. Batman. Green Lantern. Green Arrow. The Flash. Spider-Man. Thor. Captain America. The Hulk. All are well-known comic characters with long and storied histories, and all of them have been the subject of their own movie...
by Martin Thomas

Flash buckle

Gotta Have It!: Flash Belt Buckle

Flash! He’ll save every one of us! Okay, that’s an entirely different Flash, but the sentiment is still there. The Flash is one of my favorite characters. When I was a teenager I had a bunch of Flash merchandise I u...
by Dr. Bustos

bpal hellboy-main

Gotta Have It!: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s Hellboy Series

                                Welcome back for another look (smell?) into some of the wares of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab! This time we have one o...
by Dr. Bustos



Gotta Have It!: Captain America Super Soldier Pullover Hoodie!

Heads up true believers! If you’ve been to the movies and seen what’s on TV then you know the hard truth: HYDRA is back and they have taken down SHIELD from the inside. The news hit me particularly hard as I, being an agent...
by Cameron Crump


Gotta Have It!: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s RPG series

Welcome back for another Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab edition of Gotta Have It! This time we’ve got some of the RPG series, for those of you who are fans of games like Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder, this is the series f...
by Dr. Bustos


Gotta Have It!: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s Witchblade series

There’s all kinds of merchandise that lets you be more like your favorite characters. Whether it’s shirts, dresses, hats, or jewelry, there is all sorts of stuff to make you look like the character. Black Phoenix Al...
by Dr. Bustos


Gotta Have It - Tony Stark Work Shirt

Gotta Have It!: Tony Stark Work Shirt

Have you ever wanted to make an honest living working for a major company like Stark Industries? Surely the health plan alone would be worth the demanding nine-to-fiver, what with having a billionaire superhero for a boss and a...
by SpidermanGeek


Gotta Have It!: skinit iPhone Superman cover

What better way to show off your love of comics than to have your favorite character splashed across your phone? In a world where having a phone is more important than your left pinky, I’d say it would be pretty cool. Ski...
by mike


Gotta Have It! Figure Edition: Classic Predator 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure by Hot Toys

Hot Toys does it again with this killer 1/6 scale figure of the Classic Predator! This figure was released to coincide with Robert Rodriguez’s film Predators, which I just recently saw on a premium cable channel. The newe...
by Lee