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‘Young Justice: Outsiders’ New Character Designs!

Ever since it was confirmed that Young Justice would be getting third season the big question has been who will make up the core team and what will they look like! That question was answered today at SDCC where fans go a glimps...
by InfiniteSpeech


Character Spotlight: Cassandra Sandsmark

There was a time in the last few decades where we were given some great characters who were sidekicks that never really did that part of the job all that often and were just great on their own. One such character is Cassie Sand...
by Dr. Bustos


Marvel Snapshot: Sidekicks

Welcome back, true believers! Last week I started a discussion about how Marvel rules over DC with an iron hand. This week I’ll continue with some more examples of how you cannot see it any other way. The evidence will be...
by Billy



DC Previews: Teen Titans #76

Releasing this Wednesday is Teen Titans #76. The downward spiral of the Teen Titans continues this week with Wonder Girl trying to hold it all together. Can an appearance by Beast Boy and Raven help put this team back on track?...
by Jordan