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Marvel Snapshot: Character Spotlight: Darkhawk

Hey everybody, welcome to another exciting character spotlight! In this edition of Marvel Snapshot, we’ll be focusing on one of Marvel’s lesser known characters in Darkhawk! Yes, that amped up, computerized, flying ...
by Billy


Contest of Champions (CoC) Episode #8: Skaar & Annihilus vs. Beta Ray Bill

Welcome to Contest of Champions (CoC) Podcast, Episode #8! CoC is an interactive player vs. player game where your favorite Marvel characters go head to head to answer the eternal question of “who can beat whom in a figh...
by Jeff


Touring the Cosmos: War of Kings Character Spotlight

Just before Realm of Kings, there was the War of Kings. A 6 part limited series, the War of Kings saw Dan Abnett and Andy  Lanning pit the Shi’ar and their mighty Imperial Guard against the Kree and their new royal family: t...
by mike



Ramblings and Reviews

Hello everyone and welcome to the first of many reviews from my pull list. First up; War of Kings: Who Will Rule? (one shot). Writers                                               ...
by Billy