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‘Young Justice: Outsiders’ & Live Action ‘Titans’ Series Coming In 2018!

After patiently impatiently waiting for ANYTHING about the upcoming third season of Young Justice we finally get a hint of what’s to come and boy is it good news! Some info for the Titans live action series sheds some lig...
by InfiniteSpeech


Crisis of Infinite Reviews 03/08/17

Superwoman #8 Publisher: DC Comics Writer: Phil Jimenez Artist: Jack Herbert Inker: Stephen Segovia Colorist: Hi-Fi Cover: Renato Guedes & Yasmine Putri After the battle to save Metropolis from the technological megaloman...
by Eric


‘Justice League vs. Teen Titans’ Animated Film Voice Cast Revealed!

Coming this Sping to a blu ray, DVD, or digital device near you will  be Justice League vs. Teen Titans! This will be the first time the Titans have been included in DC’s animated films and this will also be an original...
by InfiniteSpeech



Character Spotlight: Roy Harper

Marchery may be over but I figure we got enough for Archery April! This month we’re going to the original Speedy, Roy Harper! Roy has had several codenames throughout his heroic career. He’s been through some rough ...
by Dr. Bustos


Fenix: A Week In Review

Welcome back for another look at the week that was my personal reading list. It was a DC heavy week for me, but that happens from time to time, so never fear Marvel fans, as in the next few weeks the balance will swing the othe...
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