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Movie Multiverse: Spider – Man: Homecoming

Our favorite web-head is here on the big screen (again), Peter Parker is back! Alongside Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, this is one of the biggest Marvel movies of the year. Marvel introducing Spider-Man in Captain America: ...
by Nile Fortner


Movie Multiverse: Tom Holland May Be the Nicest Actor to Ever Play Spider – Man

Recently, Spider – Man: Homecoming actor Tom Holland stopped by Children’s Hospital Los Angeles as everyone’s favorite web-head, Spider – Man. The actors and actresses who play superheroes on the movie screen might as w...
by Nile Fortner


What are Some of the Longest – Running Marvel Comic Book Series and Mysteries?

It seems like nowadays a majority of our comic books relaunch on a regular basis, with Marvel doing a “season” style approach, renumbering, and changing with every major story. On the other hand, there are actually ...
by Nile Fortner