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Marvel Reviews: Secret Warriors #1

Secret Warriors #1 Publisher: Marvel Writer: Matthew Rosenberg Artist: Javier Garrón Colorist: Israel Silva Cover: Tradd Moore & Matthew Wilson Daisy “Quake” Johnson takes center stage in the latest tie-in to...
by InfiniteSpeech


Marvel Snapshot: Character Spotlight: Nick Fury

Welcome back to Marvel Snapshot everybody! This week we’re starting a new format that’s going to be sticking around for a while, as the column will be a “snapshot” or spotlight on a certain hero or vill...
by Billy


Video Interview with Marvel’s Jonathan Hickman!

In 2006 Jonathan Hickman broke onto the sequential scene with his groundbreaking and highly original, The Nightly News; a story about a cult who make it their mission to wreak havoc on reporters and news corporations by staging...
by Andy



Ramblings and Reviews

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the calamity known as Ramblings and Reviews. So this goes to all my fellow freaks out there, holler if ya hear me! I’ve got six issues to rant and rave about so get ready. First up we have ...
by Billy