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Marvel Reviews: Secret Warriors #1

Secret Warriors #1 Publisher: Marvel Writer: Matthew Rosenberg Artist: Javier Garrón Colorist: Israel Silva Cover: Tradd Moore & Matthew Wilson Daisy “Quake” Johnson takes center stage in the latest tie-in to...
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Character Spotlight: Sin

Hate breeds hate. Sometimes on a literal biological level. The daughter of the Red Skull is not to be trifled with. Inheritor of his hateful ways and just as deadly in her own right. What’s it like to grow up with one of ...
by Dr. Bustos


Marvel Previews: Secret Empire #1

Ever since Captain America uttered the words “Hail Hydra” things have been controversial in regards to Nick Spencer’s direction for the Sentinel of Liberty. Now after the waiting and debates it all has been bu...
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The Road To ‘Secret Empire’ Begins Here!

With Secret Empire about to kick off, Marvel want’s to get you ready for what’s to come just in case you missed out on the events that all brought us here. So prepare for the Secret Empire Prelude before the main ev...
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The Marvel Universe Comes Together For ‘Secret Empire’!

Ever since Captain America writer, Nick Spencer, revealed that Steve Rogers had secretly been a Hydra Agent the Marvel fanbase has been on several sides of the much heated argument. It’s one of the most polarizing reveals...
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