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Ink Stains 93: Ultrazine 17

See early work by Mitch O’Connell, Mark Heike and more in issue 17 of Matt Bucher’s Ultrazine! Ultrazine 17: October 1979 Editor and publisher: Matt Bucher If you read this column regularly, you will have read one i...
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Ink Stains 73: Woweekazowie 2

  More Interfan goodness, including a Don McGregor interview, in Woweekazowie 2! Woweekazowie 2: 1976 Publisher: William Blyberg, Editor: Dean Mullaney Woweekazowie! Who the heck would give that name to their fanzine? You ...
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Ink Stains 66: Woweekazowie 1

  More InterFan shenanigans ensue with the very first issue of Willie Blyberg’s Woweekazowie! Woweekazowie 1: 1976 Editor and publisher: William Blyberg Awhile back I profiled two later issues of this fun zine, Wowee...
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