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Ink Stains 94: CPL 5 and 6

One of the best zines of the past returns! CPL and John Byrne rule this month! CPL 5 and 6: 1973 Publisher: CPL/Gang Editor: Bob Layton As I say above this column’s banner, CPL was one of the best little zines around in t...
by kenmeyerjr


Ink Stains 44: Whizzard 12-14

Three issues of one of the best interview fanzines!  Ink Stains, meet Whizzard! Whizzard, issues 12, 13, 14; 1979-1981 Editor/Publisher: Marty Klug A few loyal Ink Stains readers have asked repeatedly for me to feature Whizzar...
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Ink Stains 5: CPL and John Byrne

CPL (Contemporary Pictorial Literature) 12 (1975) Publisher: Robert Layton, Editor: Roger Stern Much like The Collector, our current champion CPL could be lumped into the category of “semi-pro” fanzine. It had high producti...
by kenmeyerjr