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Ink Stains 93: Ultrazine 17

See early work by Mitch O’Connell, Mark Heike and more in issue 17 of Matt Bucher’s Ultrazine! Ultrazine 17: October 1979 Editor and publisher: Matt Bucher If you read this column regularly, you will have read one i...
by kenmeyerjr


Ink Stains 92: FOOM 4 and 5

FOOM, the Marvel fanzine, not only has in house fun from the Marvel staff and freelancers, but in these issues, a contest for fans! Fans that included future pros Steve Rude, Doug Hazlewood, and many more!
by kenmeyerjr


Ink Stains 72: The Collector 24

  The world has demanded more coverage of The Collector! Ok, just me, here is issue 24! The Collector 24: August, 1971 Editor and Publisher: Bill G. Wilson Howdy everyone, welcome to another installment of Ink Stains, wher...
by kenmeyerjr



Ye Olde School Café: Strange Tales vol. 1

  Hello and welcome back to another edition of Ye Olde School Café! This time, I’ll be focusing in on some of the fantastic work by legends of the comic book industry from its pre-code days. These men should be laud...
by Billy


Ink Stains 65: Wonderful World of Comix 6

The gang’s all here! Some of fandom’s best appear in The Wonderful World of Comix 6.   The Wonderful World of Comix 6, 1971 Publisher and editors: Neal Pozner with Scott Harris On my trip up to the Rose City Co...
by kenmeyerjr


Ye Olde School Café: The Defenders #95

Hello and welcome back to another edition of Ye Olde School Café! In our last visit, we saw an evil cult known as the Six-Fingered Hand, and discovered what they have in store for our heroes. Now, we’ll see a crazy twist...
by Billy



Ye Olde School Café: The Defenders #94

Hey everybody! Welcome back as we forage into the world of comics! In this edition of Ye Olde School Café we’ll be taking a look into one of my favorite titles, The Defenders (issue #94)! This fragmentary team of heroes...
by Billy


Ink Stains 50: Comic Crusader 11 and 12

  Martin L. Greim published one of the most consistent and longest running fanzines, Comic Crusader! A double shot this installment, issues 11 and 12! Comic Crusader 11, 12, 1971, 1972 Publisher and Editor: Martin L. Greim...
by kenmeyerjr


Ye Olde School Café: Evolutionary War pt 4

Hello and welcome to another exciting week in Ye Olde School Café! This week will once again bring us to a pivotal point in this epic tale (Evolutionary War). This week we’ll see a couple of issues, beginning first with ...
by Billy



Ink Stains 47: Fantastic Fanzine Special 2

It’s time once again for Gary Groth’s great Fantastic Fanzine, specifically the Special numbah two! Fantastic Fanzine Special 2: February 1972 Editor: Gary Groth, Publisher: Alan Light Welcome back after Christmas b...
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Ink Stains 45: The Collector 29

All good things come to an end. And The Collector went out swinging for the fences! Read about issue 29 only in Ink Stains!   The Collector 29, 1974 Editor/Publisher: Bill G. Wilson Yes, it is true, The Collector, one of t...
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Albany Comic Con NY 2012!

Once again Albany, New York will host one of the best comic conventions on the East Coast! The Albany C0mic Convention will be held on Sunday, November 11th, from 10am to 4pm. The guest list boasts decade’s worth of tale...
by InfiniteSpeech