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Lion Forge Reviews: Accell #2

Accell #2 Publisher: Lion Forge Writer: Joe Casey Artist: Damion Scott Colorist: Sigmund Torre Cover: Damion Scott, Robert Campanella, & Sigmund Torre We get some time alone with Catalyst Prime’s resident speedste...
by InfiniteSpeech


Image Comics Reviews: The Bounce #1

The Bounce #1 Writer: Joe Casey Artist: David Messina Publisher: Image Comics From the opening page it’s apparent that Image Comics’s The Bounce isn’t your average superhero funny book. The problem is, at iss...
by Jeff Lake


DC Previews: Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance #6

Up next week, on Oct. 21, is the final issue of Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance. The Super Young Team will be facing off against their biggest threat since Final Crisis. Will they succeed? Check out this issue next week to find o...
by Jordan