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Marvel Snapshot: Character Spotlight: Iron Fist (Danny Rand)

Hello, and welcome to another great character spotlight right here in Marvel Snapshot! This week, I’ll be presenting a great character that in my opinion doesn’t get enough love from the comic book community in Iron...
by Billy


Marvel Snapshot: Character Spotlight: Luke Cage

Welcome once again to Marvel Snapshot! In this week’s exciting spotlight, we’ll be looking at one of my recent favorite characters, Luke Cage! This dude is one bad mofo and doesn’t take crap from anybody. He&#...
by Billy


Marvel Reviews: Immortal Weapons #1 Review

Publisher:  Marvel Writer:  Jason Aaron Artist:  Mico Suayan / Various artists Cover: David Aja “Book of the Cobra”: If you have not been picking up Immortal Iron Fist then you need to get to your LCS and give i...
by InfiniteSpeech



Gotta Have It! Figure Edition: Iron Fist and Spider-Man

The mightiest Marvel heroes are ready to save the day with their amazing abilities and super powers.  Build your team and join in the battle with the MARVEL SUPER HERO SQUAD! Iron Fist: Fighter with the spirit of an ancient dr...
by Aron


Marvel Snapshot: Cancelled Series

Come one come all to this week’s discussion on cancelled series; or the flip side, series that should be canceled. I’ll be giving strictly opinion in this edition of Marvel Snapshot, but I’ll also be voicing t...
by Billy


Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix Season 1 Review

  Netflix has been kickin’ ass with all these Marvel shows. We’ve seen some really great stuff out of Marvel and Netflix. Many people, including myself, have been saying that Marvel, the superhero genre in general, nee...
by Nile Fortner



Avengers Assemble! Part 4

Welcome to an exciting look into the latest incarnation of the New Avengers! This book is going to feature a lot of the characters from volume 1 of this series, but it looks great and has a fantastic creative team behind it. Ne...
by Billy


Marvel Cashes in With a New Heroes for Hire

The Heroes for Hire have been present in the Marvel Universe in a couple different iterations; they usually involve heroes that are associated with the “Iron Fist and Luke Cage” family of heroes, and operate of the ...
by admin


Marvel Reviews: Immortal Weapons # 2 Review

Publisher:  Marvel Writer:  Cullen Bunn Artist:  Dan Brereton Cover:  David Aja   “The Spider’s Song”: After reading Immortal Weapons # 1, I was so excited to get this book and learn more about the next W...
by InfiniteSpeech



The 5 Greatest Martial Artists in Marvel Comics – The Correct Opinion

Hello and shut up! My name is Cameron and this is The Correct Opinion. I’m a feature writer and associate editor at and this is my semi-regular column where I talk reckless s*** about comics, movies and pop cu...
by Cameron Crump


Marvel Reviews: Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1

Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1 Publisher: Marvel Writer: Kaare Andrews Artist: Kaare Andrews Cover: Kaare Andrews It has been quite some time, but Danny Rand is back, and though not much has changed, he is a little different...
by InfiniteSpeech


The Final Defender Arrives In New “Iron Fist” Trailer!

The latest Iron Fist trailer has arrived and if the other Marvel Netflix shows are any indication then we’re in for a good time with these 13 episodes! The trailer shows off the newest Defender returning home after being...
by InfiniteSpeech