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Image Comics Reviews: Black Road: Vol 1 – The Holy North

Black Road: Vol. 1 РThe Holy North Publisher:  Image Comics Writer: Brian Wood Artist(s): Garry Brown & Dave McCaig Cover: Gary Brown In 1000 A.D. the pagan lands of the Vikings are undergoing Christian religious c...
by Eric


DC Comics Reviews: Secret Origins #1

Secret Origins #1 Publisher: DC Story: Greg Pak; Kyle Higgins; Tony Bedard Pencils: Lee Weeks; Doug Mahnke; Paulo Siqueira Inks: Sandra Hope & Lee Weeks; Keith Champagne & Christian Alamy; Hi-Fi Colors: Dave McCaig; Joh...
by Martin Thomas


Dark Horse Reviews: Ghost #1

Ghost #1 Publisher: Dark Horse Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick & Chris Sebela Artist: Ryan Sook Colors: Dave McCaig Letters: Richard Starkings Since the return of the character Ghost earlier this year, I’ve been anxiously...
by Dr. Bustos



Dark Horse Previews: Star Wars Dark Times #16

Yes, you’re reading the headline correctly: an issue of Star Wars Dark Times is actually scheduled to come out this Wednesday! Its been too many months to count since the previous issue of Dark Times was released, and it ...
by Andy