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Character Spotlight: Barbara Gordon

A lot of people are inspired by Batman, that’s kind of a big thing in his stories. People see or hear about Batman and decide to better themselves. Sometimes that means just trying to be a good person and a little braver,...
by Dr. Bustos


Contest of Champions (CoC) Episode #15: Exodus vs. Prince of Orphans

Welcome to Contest of Champions (CoC) Podcast, Episode #15! CoC is an interactive player vs. player game where your favorite Marvel characters go head to head to answer the eternal question of “who can beat whom in a figh...
by Jeff
1’s Top 3 of DC’s New 52

With the second batch of #2 releases of the DC Relaunch underway today, here are our staff picks for the top 3 titles of the New 52! Andy Liegl ( 1) Animal Man From the beginning I knew this book would be t...
by Andy



Crisis of Infinite Reviews 08/10/11

Batman and Robin #26 Writer: David Hine Artists: Greg Tocchini and Andrei Bressan Cover Artist: Chris Burnham Publisher: DC Batman and Robin make it to Paris to assist Nightrunner, Paris’s Batman Inc. representative, as h...
by Arnab


Crisis of Infinite Reviews 07/13/11

Batman: The Dark Knight #3 Writer: David Finch Artists: David Finch and Scott Williams Cover Artist: David Finch Publisher: DC After a long hiatus, we finally get the third issue in this series. Batman, while searching for his ...
by Arnab


Crisis of Infinite Reviews 06/08/11

Batman and Robin #24 Writer: Judd Winick Artist: Greg Tocchini Cover Artist: Guillem March Publisher: DC The issue starts off with Jason Todd being broken out of police custody by a group of man-beasts known as the Menagerie. N...
by Arnab



Crisis of Infinite Reviews 05/11/11

Batman Incorporated #6 Writer: Grant Morrison Artist: Chris Burnham Cover Artist: Chris Burnham Publisher: DC This issue can almost be read as a direct follow up to the Batman: The Return issue that came between Batman and Robi...
by Arnab


Crisis of Infinite Reviews 04/13/11

Batman and Robin #22 Writer: Peter J. Tomasi Artists: Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray Cover Artists: Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, and Tony Daniel Publisher: DC The White Knight’s reign of terror in Gotham comes to an end in ...
by Arnab


Crisis of Infinite Reviews 09/15/10

Hey everyone! I’ve got three Brightest Day books reviewed for you and one Bat-book. Enjoy! Minor spoilers ahead! Batman Beyond #4 Writer: Adam Beechen Artist(s): Ryan Benjamin and John Stanisci Cover Artist: Dustin Nguyen...
by Arnab



DC Reviews: Birds of Prey #1

Birds of Prey #1 Publisher: DC Comics Writer: Gail Simone Art/Cover: Ed Benes Variant Cover: Cliff Chiang Pages: 32 Price: US $2.99 Release: May 12, 2010 ***CAUTION: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS!*** Iceland.  Black Canary and...
by Aron


DC Universe News: Birds of Prey Reunite

This spring DC is reuniting the team of writer Gail Simone and artist Ed Benes to launch a new Birds of Prey series. Simone’s run as writer for the original Birds of Prey began in 2003 and ended in 2007. Benes’s ...
by Jordan